King Rings: Back to the Fifties


Huge, eye-catching and eccentric, jewelry now comes in XXL, because XXL represents courage. The courage to experiment, to make your own choices, to break the rules. This applies in particular to rings, which have for years been more heavily influenced by rules than other jewelry. King rings are more than just the successors to the cocktail rings of the 1950s; they are a symbol of emancipation and the expression of a new self-confidence.

They are always worn on the right hand and stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyoncé Knowles are leading the way. The bigger, the more sensational and the more personal the rings, the greater their impact.

Swarovski crystal components are perfect for the creation of king rings. It's easy to create impressive rings using sparkling crystals, including individual, large Fancy Stones with sophisticated cuts, tiny pendants and a wide variety of Crystal Beads and Pearls, transparent, opaque or with different effects. King rings are an experiment with shapes, colors and sizes. They are magnificent, but always slightly tongue-in-cheek, which makes them the ideal accessory for a casual outfit.

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