Ocean Summer: The Colors of the Sea


Bright, fresh, translucent blue, magical turquoise, the mysterious glow of aquamarine. The summer sun, sparkling on the ocean, awakes the power of these colors. The sun inspires us to try out new ideas and to search for hidden treasures. Swarovski crystal components play with the colors of summer and, combined to create unique designs, they express a new awareness of life, as pure and clear as the water, as refreshing as a summer's day.

The latest trend is for eye-catching designs, bold materials and unusual techniques which reflect the diverse, highly personal dreams and associations of the sun and the sea. Delicate pink ribbons interwoven with crystalline rings embody a summery combination of different materials.

Swarovski crystal components in red and opaque turquoise combined with irregular coral stones call to mind a dive into the depths of the ocean. Silvery traces of ancient cultures and ethnic designs are woven into simple pieces of jewelry, as if the sea had just washed these treasures up onto the shore. Crystal components in a wide variety of shapes and in all the colors of the water, strung onto fine metal threads, seem to resist the pull of gravity with their light and airy look.

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