A Sign of the Times


The faster time flies by, the more precious it becomes, and the more we treasure handwritten letters, personally decorated gifts and lovingly designed commemorative books. For weddings, birthdays or simply as a sign of affection, gifts with a personal touch are becoming more popular than ever! Every detail and every sparkling stone, every ribbon and every carefully shaped letter demonstrate the affection and esteem in which the recipient is held. The care taken with the design, the beauty of the end result and the thoughtful choice of materials will continue to convey the magic of the moment, even many years later.

Swarovski crystals capture this magic with their seemingly eternal brilliance. Combined with a wide range of materials, such as paper, fabrics, ribbons, felt, plastic or leather, they can be used to create greetings cards, photo albums, commemorative books or individual, eye-catching wrappings for gifts. Simple gifts can be transformed into something precious and distinctive. Plain wrapping paper can be turned into a piece of jewelry. The many shapes, colors, cuts and effects of Swarovski crystal will fire your imagination. They can easily be sewn or glued on or threaded together in strings to create stunning designs.

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