Glamorous Details


Some are large and eye-catching, colourful and experimental, other are fine and filigree--but they are always long and full of contrasts: the new necklaces. They are casually looped around the neck several times, like a lasso, singly or several different necklaces combined with each other. This winter the motto is to wear what catches and pleases the eye--but whatever happens it must be individual! The really special mix of material, size and colour is an expression of the personality.

Swarovski Crystal beads, pearls and pendants in all sizes, colours and shapes are the absolutely perfect answer for the new necklaces. With colorful bobbles, the beads and pearls have a folky, cheerful and shrill look, long necklaces with small pearls or beads in the warm winter trend colors, in contrast, have a discreet and elegant effect.

A particularly fine impression is created by small crystals in translucent shades set on fine gold and silver chains. Large pendants with or without motifs create powerful highlights on long relatively simple necklaces.

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