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The Latest Trend: Those Little Differences

We are all different, and we all like to show it! The more you value a different and trendy look, the more important it is to express your own personality and individuality. It's the little details that make the difference: tiny decorative items on your cell phone, your T-shirt, your belt, your bag or on other accessories. Swarovski crystal figurines can transform an ordinary everyday item into something special. They are the latest trend and the perfect way to express your own style ...

Anyone who likes to give their imagination free rein can easily create little animals, flowers or abstract shapes by using Swarovski crystals. You can use nature as your inspiration or dream up your own ideas. The huge variety of sizes, colors and shapes of the crystal components gives you unlimited options for creating your own personal designs. And there are just as many uses for the tiny figurines as there are possible designs: on key rings and brooches, as decorations, lucky charms or tiny gifts.

We've created some little figurines to inspire you. Follow the attached instructions and you're sure to succeed! Choose the colors for your figurines using the color cards and create your own individual designs.

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