Edges and Angles


Standing out from the crowd is what counts. This summer's jewelry is large, magnificent and full of excitement. Asymmetrical patterns shift the focus and angular shapes interrupt the harmonious effect of gentle curves and regular chains before it can fully unfold. Large pieces are juxtaposed with small ones and minimalist shapes with filigree elements. Forms from the past and the future come together, resulting in vivid, characteristic and individual designs.

Swarovski crystals will encourage you to play with forms, colors and sizes. The new ''Square Rings'' create exciting contrasts with classic components, but also with the latest new products, such as the ''Polygon Bead''. The clear, minimalist shape of the rings is both elegant and powerful. They make a different impact in every design. One single large ''Square Ring'' is enough to attract attention. In contrast, the combination of many small ''Square Rings'' creates a luxurious and dainty effect. More classic and restrained pieces will use ''Square Rings'' in Crystal or tone-on-tone, but six different effects, including ''Golden Shadow'', allow for more brightly-colored or eye-catching designs.

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