Urban Nomads Feel Like Cocooning


Creating an Oasis of Calm...

At Home You Find the Peace You Seek

An increasingly digital and hectic world overloads us with impulses and impressions. No wonder we are longing for some relaxation and feel the essential need to sooth our senses. On the way to our inner sources of energy, handcrafted pieces are milestones for the harmonization with nature. The urban nomad embellishes his home with interior sculptures that are accompanied by a touch of spirituality.

Being focused on a monolithic simplicity that lays in the restraint usage of materials like glass, wood, wire--memories of the archaic past where a campfire used to be the centrepiece of warmth are evoked. The experimental new mix of grown natural materials like twigs combined with crystals by CREATE your STYLE™with Swarovski crystal come together to form a new unity of distinctive impression.

Mother Nature is Your Inspiration

Bring Some Touch of Outdoors into Your Home

Decorating is a vivid homage to nature's authenticity. So for designing the vase, don't hesitate to contrast softly deconstructed materials like corkwith refined crystal by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal. Like a solid tree trunk the layers are piled one after one and mirror an organic structure that gives us artificial evidence of the strong rhythm of nature where the roots of life are implanted.

Reflecting an image of nature, the table runner is formed in random structures. When lost in contemplation you follow the instinctive game of discovering, it seems to build figures like in windblown clouds or wood grain. Its tactile surfaces converts into the structure of cracked earth, with little crystals by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal in the intervals creating an impression of frozen liquids.

Go With What Feels Right

Just put the things you Love Together

A modern nomad is used to staying for the moment but ready to tie his pack in the next. Knowing how to make yourself feel at home, wherever the journey of life has swept you, is helpful and essentially serving our basic feelings of protection and warmth. Give neutrals a new lease of life by the technique of tying.

With little effort you can redecorate your cushions by simply wrapping and tying knots of a rope around them--knotted with crystals by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal. The inspiring contrast between the soft volume and the rough bond quietens because crystal adds a poetic nuance to the rustic charm of embellishment. Where balance and harmony meet, you can make yourself comfortable.

Praising the Spirit of Love...

In Memory of All the Sweetful Moments

Among all the day, which are full of affection for the ones you love, Valentine is the perfect moment in the year to express your feelings. Why not sweeten their life with an individual selection of chocolates or candies? Your gift will be awarded with feelings of surprise and thankfulness when presented in a box that is lovingly hand-decorated by yourself with CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal.

Each of the exclusive crystals is a testimony of your thoughtfulness, with the promise of enduring affection and care eternally embedded in the reflection of its sparkles. These precious boxes will keep the memory of sweet moments shared and stay as the most personal little treasure troves you can imagine.

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