Life Narrates the Most Inspiring Stories

Courtesy of Swarovski

It's Worth Keeping Them in Memory

The Curiousness of the Unknown

Revealing an Exotic World of Elegant Style

Africa with its wild landscapes and the inimitable rituals of its origins seduces us with a rich atmosphere that perfectly combines with the archaic-elegant Art Deco era famously known for its glamorous, eccentric attitudes. Capture the most inspiring pieces of those two worlds to create your own individual style.

In the photo bag that is made of rustic yet noble carton and geometrically decorated with big generous crystal shapes by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal. Your collection of memorabilia finds the place it merits protected by an enchanted closure made out of a found wood stick and gracious fancy crystals.

Become An Expressionist

Turn It Into Distinctive Style

Simply add some glamour to every day's life and you will soon recognize how splendid and thrilling the often considered to be normal things around you can be experienced. If you dare to mix it with the chunky and tribal it makes an expressive counterpart creating a contrast that is as exuberant as your personality.

Benefit from these expressionistic moments even longer they last and lock them as little treasures. Create your individual notebook using high end book binding techniques combined with luxurious crystal shapes by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal. Their style and graphical order are a perfect complement to the luxurious material of the golden paper fabric.

The Essentials In Life

Your Personal Best

The definition of style is all about you decide to interpret it. The ''Being Yourself'' can be chalked up to the strength of personality and an attitude of the wisdom of the ego--expressively showing that you became in terms with yourself. Find your intimate retreat in the modern boudoir--the hemisphere you decide to create according to your own definition of beauty.

The lush and sensual self-made luxury scrapbook by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal offers you an personal hiding place to reposit experiences of the past in a most sensual way.

Celebrate the Birth of Venus

A Declaration of Feminity

Something is changing in the way society is thinking. Everybody takes a careful look to see how a dress or the accessories are interpreted. The return of the feminine style is a return of personality. Take the freedom to combine cuddly materials with sober delicacy and elegant lines--in your fashion as well as in the flexible photo book, on which pieces of crystal by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal set discreet accents. The tender Japanese paper and the soft gleams on the simple ring binding reflect the intimate pureness.

The Blossoms of Beauty

United in Revealed and Hidden Details

The world of emotions is one that is constantly evolving--always between the opposites. Sometimes your feelings float like creating defining fine lines of fragile beauty whereas in more decent moments you want to preserve your thoughts a secret.

Get inspired by the classical Japanese binding technique to create your own notebook including a sparkling bookmark. When you combine it with carefully chosen Fancy Stones and Crystal Pearls by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski crystal it radiates perfect harmony and contemplation.

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