The Season of Cosiness

Courtesy of Swarovski

When It's Cold Outside...

The season for a little retreat

Long evenings in the winter time invite you to stay at home and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. The lights of the candles already anticipate Christmas Eve while you create a yet unseen handcrafted decoration.

In the night seemingly weightless crochet balls with dangling Swarovski crystal Pendants will hover mysteriously on the Christmas tree branches and emanate a ceremonial spirit.

Reaching for the Stars

Bringing tradition to a new form

In times of early dawn the illuminated windows welcome those coming home. The starshaped window decorations with Swarovski crystal are a reminiscence of the Russian Orthodox culture with its mystic ornaments. As the most traditional of all Christmas symbols they reflect the light signalling an atmosphere of comfort, peace and acceptance representing an invitation to come in.

Give Pleasure to the Ones You Love

It comes from the heart

You just start with a plain square shaped piece of paper, simply fold it in Origami technique and the little box is ready. Convert it into a real treasure by embellishing it with patterns of crystal varying in sizes by Swarovski crystal. A delightful gift box is ready to be filled and given away.

Hide a Little Secret

Enjoy the precious packaging

At first sight the pyramid shaped box can be interpreted as an abstraction of a Christmas tree. When opening it by using the exceptional mechanism accentuated by Swarovski crystal Beads it surprisingly transforms into a charming star shape. The sparkling crystals in a snowflake pattern create a wonderful Christmas spirit.

Greetings in a New Dimension

Let joy be your messenger

The greeting card is made in the old Japanese Kirigami technique that is a variation of the famous Origami--transforming a simple piece of paper into a very personal message. The addressee will unfold the flat card to a three-dimensional star arising in crystal sparkle by Swarovski crystal knowing that this is a very personal and valuable gesture.

A Winter's Tale...

Written in a Christmas card

The romantic story of winter, snow and long walks in an icy landscape is told through a card that unfolds as a Christmas tree. The affectionate decoration with little Christmas balls made of Crystal Pearls by Swarovski crystal makes it a noble gift.

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