Dip into Pacific Ease - Oceans of Opportunities Await You

Courtesy of Swarovski

The Summer Will Be Endless...

Give memories a place for safekeeping

Whenever you feel the need to slow down, just pause and reflect on the ''peaceful sea.'' Create a book cover inspired by the motion and reflections of waves rippling out before your eyes towards a new horizon. Your natural inspiration fuses Crystal-its and the newly launched Crystal Fabric-it by Swarovski crystal into a precious album perfect for the safekeeping of all your summer memories.

A Perfect Illusion of a Refreshing Image

Simplicity simply couldn't be more irresistible

Water is one of nature's most precious gifts to us. Capture its spirit on paper in a card. Evoke that special moment in which rolling waves cast shimmering drops of saltwater skyward to hang suspended for an instant before rejoining. All you need are a few brush strokes and a little colour rubbed through a sieve. Perfection is inevitable with sparkling Crystal-its from Swarovski crystal.

Special Moments are Made to Last

How you collect them is an art in its own right

You never want to forget your summer holidays at the seaside. This charming little logbook serves as a treasure trove for keeping your fondest memories safe for all time. The sparkling Flat Backs from Swarovski crystal connote sweet days spent amidst splashing drops of crystal that symbolize the spray of ocean waves in a photograph. Keep your memories fresh in your mind by hanging it on the wall using one of the strings tied to the binding.

New Waves of Poetic Fantasy

Send a summer breeze in a greeting card

By being at once both raw and poetic, deep ocean waves exert a powerful fascination over us. Combine both to create a summer greeting card with the aquatic texture of deep ocean waves. Spread some blots of colour, then weave them together by blowing on the wet surface through a straw. Now just dip the Flat Backs from Swarovski crystal in the fresh colour and let it dry. Your gift will evoke daydreams of seaside adventures in the recipient.

Every Click Brings Sparkling Joy

A gallery of personal masterpieces

Your photo of a romantic sunset or any other cherished moment is presented in a lavishly decorated frame clustered with sparkling crystal. Abstract crystal forms look like seashells or parasols and always vividly reflect the light.

Give the smile of those you photograph a sparkle by adorning your camera with a generous layer of Swarovski crystal.

Celebrate the Essential Preciousness of Water...

Spend a delicious moment of escape

What a wonderful gift to those you love most: This card is as brilliant as it is easy to make. Crystal waves from Swarovski crystal are affixed beneath a semi-transparent cover--in their motions, they resemble bright reflections on water.

The recipient of your gift will want to shake it over and over again to make it ripple like ocean waves--a gift that soothes the spirit like no other.

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