Win the Puppy Love of Pooches Everywhere

Courtesy of Swarovski

Darling Coat

If you are just as passionate about your pet as you are about handicrafts, take heart! Thanks to CREATE YOUR STYLE, you can now devote your creative energy to crafting eye-catchers for that special canine in your life. Your four-legged sweetheart will fall head-over-paws for this crocheted jacket studded with heart-shaped beads and capped with a cuddly trimming of feather boa. This eye-catcher for dogs of all sizes looks particularly fetching on smaller breeds.

Collar Decoration

Whether big or small, mix or purebred, your dog will finally have its day with this ultra-stylish collar-enhancer. Just slip this textile sleeve over any ordinary collar to create a chic necklace whose sparkling crystal and shiny pearl embroidery are sure to put a royal bounce in your best friend's step--and win the puppy love of pooches everywhere.


Lifestyle aficionados everywhere will be hot-to-trot for this debonair neckpiece! Sported atop the collar of your It-dog, this streetwear style bandana with just the right share of sparkle will bring out the bandito in your pup--and rob you of all resistance to your little celebrity's infinite charms.

Collar Badges

This fun and functional fashion accessory is as easy to create as to adore. The elastic loop on the back allows proud pet owners to attach up to three crystal-dotted badges, making this easy-to-clean couture conversation piece a fancy addition to any canine's collar.

Sir Doggy's Dinner Set

Why give a dog a bone when you can give him a bowl fit for kings and queens? Enthroned on fine wood with fancy chequered edges, this classic culinary accessory lets four-legged-aristocrats dine in royal style, with the dignity they deserve. A noble addition to any dog-lover's kitchen!

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