Radiant Folklore--Express Your Instinctiveness Elegantly

Courtesy of Swarovski

Sun Wheel Amulet

We all are aware of the increasing need to respect earth and nature. Ethnic groups like the North American Indians who lived in perfect balance with nature achieving inner strength and spiritual mind are therefore the focus of fascination. This is now reflected in the adaptation of their cultural heritage in elegance and style. Rustic elements of North American Indian culture: stylised black and white motifs inspired by traditional weaving techniques, a bold pattern radiating like a sun wheel with a sparkling crystal centre and spicy accents of cool turquoise; amulet resemblance finds its close match in the archaic cut of the new ''Rock Pendant''; the perfect interplay of rhythm, light and proportion lends the design authenticity.

Wrist Fringe Bracelet

Colour blocking in prominent stripes of dark brown and blond leather strings sewn by hand onto an elastic strap that spares the use of a clasp and allows an all-around-design, earthy natural colours, and boldly clustered sew-on stones with asymmetric facets underline the graphic feel yet lend elegance with their crystal sparkle, the fringe-like open ends of the cuff hinting a traditional native American tribal apparel and charmingly caressing hand and arm in a stylish modern context.

Winged Lariat

The feathery surface of the simply twisted wool threads reveals crystal elements nesting in the cosy string, while a random set of colours and shapes provides a natural feel. The ends adorned with freely dangling eagle wing like pendants of the new crystal cut ''Pegasus'', their brilliance the perfect contrast to the soft wool, catching the light with the casual chic of an open necklace wrapped and knotted as per convenience or neckline.

Muffled Twinkle Rings

Mysteriously sparkling fancy stones wrapped in a coat of blond or dark brown leather, simple yet refined, a rim of 2 mm beads sewn to the inner edge serves as stone setting, a translation of bezel set into leather handicraft, elegant instinctiveness lies in the combination of a classical ring shape, the signet ring, with the extraordinary use of materials such as leather and crystal, subtle roughness and understatement in an interplay of intellect and emotion that forms a truly modern interpretation of traditional adornment with western as well as Native American roots.

Braided Shawl

A simple and relaxed accessory of rustic charm, an easy-to-achieve project to brighten the autumn season plaited with five traces of cosy thick wool bunches in cream white, the braided structure accentuated by the new crystal cut ''Diamond leaf'' designed by Giorgio Armani, sewn on in an intricate pattern--a perfect blend of Western design sophistication and the natural charm of traditional handicraft, a folklore-like fringe with hints of turquoise adorns the ends, comfortable and comforting to body and mind.

Amulet of Cosmic Lucidity

An ethnic style yet elegant amulet pendant adorning the chest with a radiating crystal centre like a frozen piece of light, the graphic shape of the new Cosmic Flat Fancy Stone is enhanced by the subtle wire lines that span around the stone, their fine criss-cross mirrored in the backing of the stone, wire lines tying it between the wrapped sides of the black-and-white twisted strings, sprays of crystal shapes freely dangling down from its unravelled ends create just the right balance between structure and disorder, between heavy centre and playful lightness, a balance that stands for clarity and radiance.

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