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Swarovski Flat Backs -
The difference is crystal clear

For years Swarovski has been on the cutting edge of innovation always paving the way for outstanding trends and designs. With Flat Backs from the Swarovski crystal assortment you can create your own style from scratch using loose crystal elements. A myriad of shapes, colors and effects is available to bring a delightful sparkle to your creations. Swarovski Flat Backs feature unique cuts, can be combined perfectly with each other and are applied easily to a wide range of carrier materials.

Easy to apply - Flat Backs Hotfix and No Hotfix

Handbags, gloves, sandals, hats, trousers, t-shirts, bags--you can add enchantment to them all by using Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix which can be easily ironed on to textile materials. A new flexible hotfix glue allows outstandingly low application temperatures (from 120°C / 250°F) paired with excellent adhesion and wash resistance.

Where ironing is not possible Flat Backs No Hotfix are your choice. Applied with standard one or two component glues they are durable, long lasting and versatile. This makes them the ideal decoration for watches, accessories, picture frames, electronic devices, pens or pencils, paper and packaging and even fingernails.

XILION Rose - The star of Flat Backs

Swarovski Flat Backs showcase the celebrated XILION Rose. This copyright protected and most brilliant cut on the market is a Swarovski exclusive with unparalleled features:
  • XILION effect for fascinating brilliance
  • Measurably greater intensity of individual points of light
  • Unique luminosity and reflection
  • Perfect refraction
  • Revolutionary approach to faceting
  • Optimized table face

Transfers and Crystal-its -
Extended possibilities

With Transfers your textiles gain a burst of brilliance. By using heat they can be applied quickly and neatly. The range includes a number of imaginative motifs in different sizes and colors, which can be used as key design element or in combination with other crystal elements.

Crystal-its bring pure luxury to your letters, gift cards or photo albums. Thanks to the specially developed glue suitable for cardboard and paper this inspirational product turns any paper product into individual objects for any occasion.

An inspiring glimpse - And more on the web

The crystals below offer you but a taste of the glimmering world of Swarovski Flat Backs. Choose from a wide range of cuts, colors and shapes to create your own designs.

Be creative!

The diverse application possibilities and the detailed step-by-step instructions created by the CREATE YOUR STYLE design experts inspire you to develop your own unique style. For more information visit us at WWW.CREATE-YOUR-STYLE.COM

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