The Bliss of a Winter's Daydream

Courtesy of Swarovski

Textile Box Glitter Ware

Sparkling Home Décor

Outside your window, snow falls softly. Wrapped in the bliss of a winter's daydream, you sit on your couch sorting through a box of leftover textiles in preparation for a long-awaited evening of creativity. As you gaze at the colourful scraps of old cloth you could never bring yourself to discard, inspiration takes hold of you. Starting with the first colour that catches your eye, you begin forming the strips of cloth into a circular base. Crocheting upwards, you stitch one Swarovski crystal after another to the border. Before you know it, you have created what looks like a sparkling fountain of glamour: a perfect mix of sophistication and naturalness that represents home décor at its candid, most laid-back best.

Cushions Crystal Clouds

Transparent Shimmer

Swarovski crystal and textile come together in these cushions to re-enact that perfect moment when the sunrays shine through a cloudy day's haze in brilliant living colour. Sewn on a base fabric and then formed into stripes or zigzags to reveal myriad different patterns, its delicate ribbons of transparent organza and dusty pastels with vivid red accents create a multifaceted surface laced with subtle bursts of clustered shimmer--designer upholstery with an irresistible come hither look.

Coffee Set Antique Chic for Two

Antique Melancholy

Give Grandma's coffee set a sparkling makeover by jazzing up handles, spouts, and other details with clusters of Swarovski crystal that blur at the edges like the colours on a vintage daguerreotype. Their sparkling spirals deliver a deliciously kitschy design with a touch of baroque and a bittersweet dash of melancholy--antique chic with a youthful sly smile!

Floral Pattern Placemat Oases of Opulence

Flowerlover Patchwork

Watch out, flower lovers--this bouquet has the power to transform your placemat into a surreal garden. Its motley mélange of colours, textures and fabrics stitched in patterns that flow as delicately as the skirt of a ballet dancer is made using a 3-D patchwork technique. To create it, cut basic floral shapes from leftover textiles of all kinds, then stitch a Swarovski crystal through the flower's centre and attach it to the placemat. Create an opulent looking frame for your crockery and cutlery with a strip of artificial flowers, varying the placement of the flowers as desired. The closer together you set them, the more volume you create!

Clutch Fresco Fling Bag

Fresco Magic

To create this charming collage of sparkling silhouettes, fun-filled forms, and dancing patterns, affix the cut-out forms with a creative combination of various Swarovski crystal to craft a stylish accessory that shimmers with all the glory of a Renaissance-era fresco or a surreal portrait painted by Archimboldo. The resulting design makes for endless magic moments of time suspended, like the faint memory of a dream in the morning.

Key Pendant and Case Crystal Valentine

Hearts Functional

You are sure to unlock your main squeeze's heart of hearts with this discreet, yet decidedly masculine sparkling key ring. Functional and sophisticated at the same time, the tonal lettering on the accompanying black case shimmers with just enough restraint to remind him that in 2009, a man's got a right to shine! If flaunting his jewels just isn't his flavour of manhood, he may opt to use it as a shaving kit, for storing stationery, or for safekeeping your love letters to him--anything to keep its lustre present in his life!

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