Swarovski Trend - Urban Nomad Romantic Design Idea D32N Necklace

by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Inspiration courtesy of Swarovski

The Trend

While rooted in an urban setting, modern Romantics continually respond to an innate desire to escape the sprawl and maintain a strong connection with nature. Not settling for a permanent rural vacation getaway during a specific season, nomads travel as a pack or tribe seeking new destinations, climates, adventures and sensations--a tent (portable), rather than cabin (fixed) mentality. The Urban Nomad Romantic trend achieves a distinctive blend of the manmade and natural to forge a free-flowing rustic style that unleashes the dynamic tension of these seemingly opposing conditions.

Swarovski Inspiration Board
Swarovski Inspiration Board: Example 1
Swarovski Inspiration Board
Swarovski Inspiration Board: Example 2

The Look

Swarovski Trend - Urban Nomad Romantic Designs borne of the Urban Nomad Romantic trend are multilayered and multi-textured with a playful blend of gridlines and patterns, graphic and flowing floral designs. Ambitious, even wild or seemingly haphazard designs, without being overwhelming, yet they are easy to wear and easy to travel with. What you won't see: simple, clean smooth lines; large color blocks; single colors; dominant transparent or clear surfaces.


The Romantic trend is a sublime juxtaposition of old world copper and bronze with timeless, rich and natural hues such as purple and colored berry. Influenced by pre-Raphaelite painters, the color scheme is rich and vibrant for an overall jewel-like transparency and clarity that is achieved primarily through the use of crystal colors:

  • Crystal golden shadow: the sparkling flowers, known as marguerites, are center-drilled for use as buttons or sew-on embellishments for purses, bags, hats, scarves, jeans and shirts. Or use as jewelry components and group together for a tiny bouquet.
  • Crystal bronze shade: Swarovski's elegant metallic hue, crystal bronze shade, is a contemporary neutral that displays a shining natural earth tone. With an antiqued bronze look, the versatile crystal color works well with all hues and complements every type of metal and chain.
  • Crystal lilac shadow: violets stand for romance, gold for splendor. Crystal Lilac Shadow is both. With its rich coloring and subtle golden coating that contains real gold, Crystal Lilac Shadow brings to mind imperial purple. An indisputably modern interpretation, it appears romantic and precious, almost royally opulent. A luxurious, deep tone of purple with an exciting hint of gold that both enriches and evokes mystery in designs--a standout shade that is unique to Swarovski.
Swarovski Trend - Urban Nomad Romantic

Swarovski Trend - Urban Nomad Romantic
  • Crystal red magma: The crystal red magma effect, with its gentle surface but powerful core, is the perfect complement for the Swarovski crystal effects range, adding both tenderness and strength at the same time. This attention-getting effect can stand alone as the primary design element or be used as a fiery accent in jewelry designs.
  • Crystal vitrail medium: Create sparkling bouquets with beautiful marguerite lochrose flower components from Swarovski. Use as buttons, sew-on embellishments or in jewelry designs. Pair with Swarovski crystal headpins for an easy, colorful "stem."
  • Blackberry pearl: recalls the ripeness of late summer berries and represents the very blood running through this fall's fashion veins. Combine Crystal Blackberry Pearl with sparkling elements in Crystal Lilac Shadow to give them a powerfully dark frame. Berry has been identified as the leading trend color this fall. Crystal Blackberry Pearl is therefore the epitome of fashion, bringing a subtle, hypnotizing mysterious quality to the scene.


The layers of patterns and textures are adorned with the additional texture of ornamental roughness consisting of manmade artifacts such as crochet, embroidery, knit work, macramé brooches and kilt pins as shown in the inspiration boards above.

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