Swarovski Trend - Demure Decadence--Glamour Swarovski Trend - Demure Decadence--Glamour
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
Inspiration courtesy of Swarovski

Glamour is the game for the Demure Decadence trend--a rich mix of saturated color and global style.

It's a trend of opposites, melding East with West, decadence with austerity, opulence with minimalism and large with small. It's a global trend, drawing from cultures both regional and international, to create a new look using ornamentation, decorative prints and historical themes and motifs.

Demure Decadence says Europe is no longer in charge of style and European minimalism is only a backdrop to the real trends of lavish ornamentation and opulent accessories patterned after regional and ethnic traditional designs.

This is a warm trend for the chilly winters of the northern hemisphere, filled with vivid pinks, deep burgundies and vibrant berry shades. Seek out Swarovski crystal in crystal antique pink, light Siam and fuchsia as well as blackberry crystal pearls and burgundy crystal pearls. Other ideal colors for this trend include rose, crystal astral pink and crystal red magma

It's not all about the reds, though. There are saturated tones of purples and blues, adding depth to a palette already rich with gemstone color, including sapphire, tanzanite and crystal lilac shadow.

Together, they mix with some light browns and metallic golds for a practical palette that's also theatrical. Use crystals in light silk, crystal bronze shade and vitrail as well as metallic light gold and crystal golden shadow to add highlights and contrasts to this color scheme.

Demure Decadence is a trend which counters its own impulses, using the push-pull of opposite forces to power its style. It's about a diversity of materials united in a common cause.

Demure Decadence uses minimalistic settings, clothing and accessories--then lavishes them with opulent embellishments. It's the single black silk cord maintaining an ornate pendant tumbled with pearls, crystals and gold. It's the box clutch with one crystal-covered side. It's the A-line dress covered in intricate patterns picked out in hotfix flat backs.

What do you need to create Demure Decadence? Here are some ideas:
  • Rich saturated colors mixed with golds emphasize drama and glamour
  • Intermingle small and large flat backs with chatons, sew-ons and fancy stones, in formal patterns from local cultures or fit them together in freeform designs
  • Use modern materials such as rhinestone mesh or cupchain to re-create traditional patterns
  • Plenty of filigree, mostly in bright and antiqued gold finishes
  • Use flat backs and sew-ons to create three-dimensional effects
  • Mix traditional gem shapes with rhinestone mesh and pavé components to bring archaic and modern elements together
  • Decorative nail art, set with sparkling crystals, dangling pearls, metallic accents and other embellishments
  • Add decadence by using multiple beads, drops, pearls, crystals and semiprecious stones together
  • Layer ornate and embellished jewelry and accessories over minimalist clothing
  • Embellish luxurious fabrics--satin, silk, organza and velvet--with traditional designs and patterns

The Look
Demure Decadence is a trend of opposites uniting in a common cause. It's a response to Austerity Fatigue, a rejection of the idea that less is more. It uses the ancient patterns and designs of the booming economies of the East (such as Vietnam, India and China) and interprets them in modern materials on the clean lines of minimalist western fashions.

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Swarovski Trend - Demure Decadence--Glamour

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