Glowing Up Suncatcher with Swarovski Crystal

Courtesy of Swarovski

Glowing Up

Give fairy lights a glamorous makeover with delicate latticework dresses dripping with Swarovski crystal

These sexy lights are sure to become the center of attention, and are just too glamorous to be hidden on a tree. Drape them around a mirror mantelpiece where they can twinkle in full view.

Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.


Thread on a selection of beads followed by a selection of pendants, do not cut the wire from the reel or spool. Leaving a 25cm tail after the last pendant form a slip knot in the wire over your crochet hook. Wrap the wire around the hook from back to front and pull through the slip knot to make a chain.

Repeat to form three chain stitches. Bring the first pendant up to the crochet hook then form another chain stitch so that the pendant sits at the bottom of it.
Continue forming chain stitches and adding pendants at random until you have 28 chain stitches leaving the last three free of pendants. Turn the work around so that the first pendant is on your left (right if you are left-handed).
Skip two chain stitches then pick up the front and back loops from the third wire over the hook then pull through one stitch only then wire over and pull through both stitches on your hook. Make two chain stitches, then a third with the next bead/pendant on.
Skip a stitch in the original chain and then repeat Step Four to link the chains.

Repeat Steps Four and Five to form shape illustrated, adding beads at random. Cut wire leaving a 5cm tail and pull through last stitch. Fold cone in half along line of symmetry.
Use the initial 25cm tail to zip up the cone by weaving the wire through the edge stitches.
Thread the light through the hole in the top of the cone. Wrap the remaining wire tails around the cable of the light starting just after the bulb to hold the cone in place.

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