How to Use the Crystal Applicator™ Tool and Rivets

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Refers to Figure 1

Figure 1
Identify (A) upper and (B) lower die holders on Crystal Applicator hand tool.

Ensure tool handles can be CLOSED completely. If necessary adjust with (C) stroke adjustment screw.

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Figure 2
Identify correct dies for your project. Rivet size is marked on the upper die. For the large rivet back (Article 53007) use bottom die RTV1. For the small rivet back (Article 53009) use bottom die RVT2.

Attach upper and lower dies to tool and tighten into position.

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Figure 3
Place the rivet in upper die. The bezel surrounding the crystal should make complete contact with the metal part of upper die. The silicone rubber tubing is used to keep the rivet secured in place once it is positioned. The shaft of the rivet should point straight down at this time.

Place rivet back in lower die. Place the plain side down, textured size up.

Carefully place the material over the rivet back. Partially close the tool to be sure location is correct. (Depending on the application, you may want to slip pre-pierced material over the rivet shaft before squeezing the tool to secure the rivet.) When handling the material, be careful not to change location of the rivet or back.

Close the tool firmly. Squeeze handles until the rivet is securely attached to material. (If material is not pre-pierced, this may require the use of both hands.)

Release the handles--the dies will separate automatically.

Gently remove the riveted material from the upper die.

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