Apoxie® Sculpt Gifted Greeting Photo Frame

Presented by Lisa Pavelka, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Instructor,
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Create a photo frame gift and greeting card all in one with mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka in this step-by-step tutorial using Apoxie® Sculpt clay, craft foils, texture stamps and embossing cutters all available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
Mix equal amounts of Apoxie® Sculpt (equaling approximately the size of a golf ball) for two minutes, or until thoroughly blended. Flatten the clay by hand to a consistent thickness.

  • This amount of Apoxie will yield an approximately 3x3-inch frame
  • Wearing disposable gloves is recommended to avoid sticking and residue
Apply a generous amount of release agent to both sides of the surface of the Apoxie then spread it around to coat evenly.

Run the Apoxie through a polymer clay roller on the thickest setting. Reduce approximately two settings on the roller then run the Apoxie through once more. Smooth and flatten the Apoxie sheet on a sheet of Teflon® non-stick paper.

Tip: If cracks occur during rolling, simply press the area together with fingers.
Apply a confetti foil veneer to the surface of the Apoxie, by placing a sheet of craft foil over the Apoxie then press gently on an area of the foil. Rip the foil off leaving small confetti-like areas of foil. Continue to apply foil to various areas as desired.

Apply a different color of foil to bare areas of the Apoxie to fill it up as you like.

Tip: Simply roll the unused clay up and kneed the foil away for use in another project.
Once the confetti technique has been applied as desired, place a full sheet of foil over the entire Apoxie sheet then use a piece of paper to burnish the surface. Quickly rip the foil sheet, away from you, from the Apoxie sheet.

Apply additional release agent to the surface of the clay then place the sheet on a texture stamp, Teflon sheet side up.

Use firm pressure to roll over the Apoxie sheet, from one end to the other, to emboss the surface.

Note: Rolling back-and-forth over the Apoxie will distort the design causing a ghosted image.
Measure and cut a 3x3-inch piece of cardboard.

Place it over the surface of the Apoxie then use a blade to trim around the template. Peel excess clay from around the Apoxie square.

Use a clay cutter, in the shape or your choice, to cut out the center of the frame then remove excess.

  • If not moving on to Step 6 allow the frame to dry according to manufacturer's instructions then move on to Step 8
  • Use an alcohol swab to remove residue from the rollers on the polymer clay roller machine. (If creating the optional leaves, clean the machine after Step 7.)
Mix the excess clay to conceal the foil then flatten the clay slightly. Apply release agent then roll the sheet through the polymer clay roller once more. Place the Apoxie sheet on a Teflon sheet. Place a sheet of craft foil over the Apoxie sheet, burnish then quickly rip the sheet off.

Tip: If any of the entire sheet does not adhere to the clay and speckles remain, simply replace the foil over the sheet, burnish and rip from a different direction.
Apply release agent to the surface of the clay then use the smallest embossing cutter to cut out a leaf and remove it from the excess clay. Place a sheet of tape over the surface, burnish and rip off the tape to reveal the background, but leaving the vein lines. Apply a very fine dusting of mica powder to the surface of the leaf, creating contrast.

Repeat to create the desired number of leaves. Arrange the leaves on the frame as desired.

Allow the frame to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Tape a picture inside the frame. Trim the cardboard template down then use E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive to glue the backing template onto the back of the frame. Glue a piece of magnetic sheet to the back side of the cardboard for a complete gift.

Attach pieces of poster tack to the back side of the magnet and attach to a handmade greeting card for a lovely gift.

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