Pearl Cluster Earrings

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®
Project idea featured in Modern Bride magazine February/March 2008

One of the freshest looks for brides this season is a pair of pearl cluster earrings. Make yours quickly and easily with Fire Mountain Gems and Beads cultured freshwater pearl cluster beads--the hard part's already done.

Here's how:

Choose the precious metal components to best match your wedding colors--use sterling silver for cool, winter tones and gold-filled for warm, autumnal hues--and shop the selection of earwires, headpins and 2mm round beads for the styles you love most.

Starting and ending with the 2mm rounds, string Swarovski clear crystal bicones and the pearl cluster bead onto the headpin. Make a wrapped loop at the top and attach to your earwire. Repeat for the other earring.

The result is an elegant pair of timeless pearl earrings with enough luster to match the beauty of your dress and bring out the light in your eyes--in under 30 minutes.

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