Get the Stick on Pearls

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The allure of stick pearls is increasing in popularity for bridal jewelry and it's easy to see why. Their iridescent splendor and eco-chic shape bring fresh style to classic pearls. Opulent and pearlescent, stick pearls are formed inside cultured freshwater mussels in the same way traditional cultured pearls are formed, by implanting a mother-of-pearl nucleus in the shape of the desired pearl. Nacre is produced around the nucleus and, over time, the lustrous pearl is created.

For a stunning necklace that combines old-world glamour with modern chic, pair cultured freshwater stick pearls with White Lotus™ pearls in a twisted, multi-strand necklace complete with a hand-carved mother-of-pearl cameo focal piece.

Here's how:

Decide how many strands you'd like your necklace to be and select your 14Kt gold-filled or sterling silver clasp accordingly. Note: three strands make a nice statement piece and twist together well. Using Accu-Flex® professional quality beading wire(49 strand, 0.012 inch), determine the overall length of your necklace and string one strand of 6mm white button pearls. Attach both ends to the middle loops on each end of the clasp. In the center of the strand, use a jumpring to attach the mother-of-pearl cameo.

On the first loop of your clasp, string an alternating pattern of 10mm square pearls, 5mm White Lotus potato pearls and 6mm button pearls. Use a mini bead stopper to hold the beads in place without attaching to the clasp. For the third strand, string a pattern of several button pearls, followed by a two-inch segment of stick pearls, and repeat throughout the strand. Secure end with a mini bead stopper. Weave the strands together in a loose braid or twist, and attach the unfinished ends to the clasp.

The result? Unforgettable elegance to have and to hold long after your special day.

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