Beautiful Bridesmaid Gifts in Under 15 Minutes

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®
They smiled when they tried on the dress, they energetically attended all of the pre-wedding events, they helped you run errands and they'll be attentive to every need on your big day. Show them your appreciation with a stunning pair of Swarovski crystal pearl earrings they will love and honor long after the reception.

Here's how:

Your bridesmaids will love these thank you gifts because they can wear them with their dress, and the earrings are so versatile they'll go with everything else in the closet.

Browse the selection of Swarovski crystal half-drilled pearls to find the colors that will complement each bridesmaid dress. In the precious metal that best suits your color-theme (use 14Kt gold-filled for warm tones and sterling silver for cool tones), choose the earstud cup with peg earring findings that fit the size pearls you'll be using (use the same diameter earstud cup as the diameter size of the half-drilled Swarovski crystal pearl).

Remove the earnut from the earstud. Squeeze enough G-S hypo cement to cover the base of the earstud cup and slide the half-drilled opening of the crystal pearl onto the earstud peg. Hold together until pearl stays in place on its own. Set earring, pearl-side up, in an upside-down paper cup, pink eraser or other such support that will keep the pearl in place while the glue dries completely. Repeat for the other earrings.

Create a backdrop for your earrings by using craft paper or an image that fits your wedding theme and enhances the colors of the earrings. Cut the paper to your desired size. Using poster board, cut a matte for your image with a 3/4 inch border. Adhere the image to the board using a glue pen or double-stick tape. On the back of the card, include a handwritten thank you note and the date of your wedding.

With a sewing needle or straight pin, punch two holes, either vertically or horizontally, in the backdrop you just created approximately two or three finger-widths apart. Insert your earrings and attach the earnuts.

Set the earring cards on your bridesmaids' place settings at the rehearsal dinner.

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