Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Symbols are significant to wedding engagements, and more and more couples are choosing to customize their wedding bands with the symbology that best suits their relationship. Leading the symbolic concept are Celtic (pronounced either ''Kel-tic'' with a hard ''c'' sound or ''Sel-tic'' with a soft ''c'' sound) knots.

People throughout the world are drawn to Celtic art for the intricate, knotted designs that contain no beginning and no end, symbolizing infinity. When the infinity symbols are incorporated into a Celtic engagement ring, they represent eternal love.

Known for their passion and bravery, the ancient Celts followed an earth-based, Pagan belief system. During the 6th and 7th centuries, Irish monks attempting to convert the Celts to Christianity, developed the traditional Celtic knot-work in hopes that the symbology behind the knotted designs would appeal to the Celt's spiritual beliefs, while simultaneously incorporating the basic principles of Christianity. Modern-day interpretations of Celtic knots are taken from illustrated manuscripts written by the monks during this time period.

A popular knot among engaged couples today is the lover's knot. Consisting of two intertwined infinity symbols, the knot is thought to signify the coming together of two people as one. Another popular Celtic engagement symbol is the traditional Claddagh (pronounced ''Kla-duh'' with a hard ''c'' sound). The name Claddagh comes from a small fishing village (of the same name) where the ring is believed to have originated, and the knot consists of a cross and crown with two hands holding a heart in the center of the crown.

Couples from all nationalities and cultural heritages are enjoying the symbolism represented in Celtic engagement rings. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads carries a variety of Celtic sterling silver engagement rings including the Claddagh, the lover's knot and the traditional Celtic knot.

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