Cameo Appearances

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2013 is the year of the cameo as they appear in must-have jewelry pieces for both women and men (brides and grooms). Making special appearances in pendants, bracelets, statement necklaces, rings, cuff links, pins and bridal bouquets, cameos bring instant vintage-inspired romance to weddings. Popular cameo colors include striking black, elegant carnelian or calming sky blue, set off against ivory.

Here you’ll find creative inspiration and design tips for making cameo wedding jewelry, bouquets and favors for brides, grooms, mothers of the bride and groom, attendants and more.

For the Bride

Design Idea A40W Bracelet On-trend cameo jewelry includes statement, multi-strand necklace and bracelet designs with multiple cameos, rings, brooches, hair pins, and matching two-piece sets for brides. Designers are favoring gold-tone settings and using pearls and heavy-link chain to showcase cameos.

For necklace and bracelet designs, decide how many strands you'd like your piece to be and select your cameo accordingly. Smaller cameos (18-25mm) work best for single and double strands, and larger cameos (30-40mm) are stunning with three, four and five strands. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a nice selection of natural and synthetic cameos, or you can opt for an antiqued or heirloom cameo for a touch of ''something borrowed.''

Once you've chosen your cameo, choose a glue-mounted setting in antiqued gold or silver to enhance the cameo's vintage appeal. Many cabochon settings contain bails and are designed to be worn as pendants. If you'd like your cameo to function as a centerpiece for a multi-strand design similar to the ideas above, use a setting with side loops or a filigreed bezel. The bail can be snipped, leaving a wonderful loop for a Swarovski crystal and cultured freshwater pearl dangle. For a fast-drying, secure fit, use Loctite 409® Gel adhesive to glue your cameo into the setting.

Find a clasp and spacer bars in a similar antiqued metal pattern as your cameo setting, and choose your beads. Both black and ivory, and carnelian-brown and ivory cameos look amazing with matching gemstones, such as black onyx and carnelian, cultured freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal. Use Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire and crimp tubes to string your beads, attaching each strand through one of the loops of the cabochon setting. Pass through spacer bars and attach to clasp.

For cameo bouquets, wrap flower stems with fabric in a solid color that enhances your bouquet. Using a hot-glue gun, run a line along the inside length of material and fold a half-inch ''hem'' running the length of the stems. Squeeze another line of glue along the edge of the material to secure. Cover the fabric with lace or leave as is. Cut a 36-inch length of velvet ribbon and fold in half. Dot the mid-point with glue and attach to the top of the material. Criss-cross ribbon around the stem and knot at the bottom of the wrapped stem. Tie ends into a bow. Glue cameo and setting onto the center of the bouquet stem, above the bow.

For the Groom

Item Number H20-3306CB Grooms are sporting cameo statements with cameo lapel pins and cuff links. These accents are easy to create by adhering cameo cabochons with jewelers epoxy to pin back findings and cuff link components. Make these masculine, yet romantically inspired accessories, for grooms, groomsmen and special guests. This non-traditional style approach gives the classic floral boutonniere an on-trend makeover.


Treat guests to a beautiful gift by commemorating the day with cameo-themed favors. Simply glue cameo cabochons to the top of gift boxes and fill with candy for a sophisticated presentation or gift cameo cuff links and cameo pendant necklaces. Guests will "ooh" and "aah" over the handmade presents and always have a way to remember the special day.

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