Simple Gowns, Bold Accessories

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Though weddings are often considered timeless in fashion, there are actually just as many trends in wedding gowns and bridal jewelry as there are in women's apparel. While some designs never go out of vogue, keeping abreast of what new trends are in, will help you find the style that works best for you.

New York continues to be the bridal trendsetter for the country, taking cues from France and Italy, and designers are delving into new hues for gowns such as head-to-toe pink, blue, silver and gold, as well as bridal gowns with bold splashes of vibrant color. Designers are also opting for simpler silhouettes paired with bold accessories like couture blooms of silk flowers on waistlines, shoulders and at the small of the back.

Simple Gowns, Bold Accessories Simple Gowns, Bold Accessories
Energetic jewelry pieces, like Design Idea 981E above, in complementary colors of the gown are making the chic and sophisticated statement designers are using of ''more is more.'' Being creative by exploring the idea of unexpected color and thinking on the large scale when designing jewelry for your wedding will keep you right on trend in the style that feels right for you.

Here's another necklace idea, with project how-to, that balances the wedding aisle with the fashion runway:

Whether opting for a shimmering gold or ocean blue gown, or sticking with classic white, this opulent necklace brings the kaleidoscope of color fitting for a fashion-forward wedding, while sticking to the timeless, three-strand design.

Here's how
Cut three strands of 14Kt gold-filled bulk chain into graduated lengths. Be sure each length has a long enough drape to accommodate your largest beads and that all three lengths suit the neckline of your gown. Attach each of the strands to a three-strand, gold-filled clasp. Using gold-filled jumprings, attach top-drilled cubic zirconia beads, in your desired colors and shapes, in random patterns along the bottom portion of each length of each chain, approximately an inch apart. Using gold-filled headpins and round beads, make enough dangles to space between each of the cubic zirconia beads and attach to the chain using wrapped loops.

The result is a stunning piece you'll cherish forever--and can wear with jeans and a tee-shirt or your little black dress any time of year.
Simple Gowns, Bold Accessories
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