Do-it-Yourself-for-Less Wedding Headbands

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Headbands crowned with jewels are a hot-ticket bridal item for their glamorous and easy style. Bejeweled headbands dress up any 'do, work with or without veils and they're a cinch to make. From simple to elaborate, all it takes is a brooch or two and a headband in the color of your choice.

Here's how:
Start with a padded, fabric-covered headband either in your wedding colors or in a neutral tone that integrates with your hair color. The padding will help hold the brooches in place, and the fabric conceals puncture marks. Wider headbands hold brooches securely in place without the use of adhesives, while thinner headbands may require glue or tying with beading thread to hold in place. Padded headbands can be found in most department stores, drug stores or beauty supply stores.
Do-it-Yourself-for-Less Wedding Headbands

Shop Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' sparkling brooch collection for elegant pins featuring crystal ''gems,'' marcasite and glass ''pearls,'' in white or an accent color that highlights your bridal bouquet and wedding colors. Choose two of the same brooch or one prominent brooch for an elegant side piece, or use a combination of brooches to cover the band entirely.

Design Tips
Even though the fabric on the headband will hide most puncture marks, you'll want to keep the fabric as pristine as possible, so you may opt to design your headband on a piece of ribbon or scrap fabric, in a similar width as your headband. Allow yourself enough extra ribbon to tie the band around your head, to accurately see how it will look in your hair, once transferred to your headband.

If using two of the same brooch, position them with the two similar ends facing each other, and place off to one side of the headband. Keep brooches snugly together. If using multiple brooches, pair two focal brooches together and to one side, and use smaller brooches to complete the adornment.

Pinning Numbers
When pinning your brooches onto the headband, establish the angle and the length of fabric you'll need between ends. The brooch pin should be almost completely covered to provide the best hold. Place the brooch at your desired angle and, with a fine-tip marker in a similar color as your headband, dot where the pin should enter and exit the headband. Once the brooches are in place, try on the headband. If the brooches need extra hold, dab E-6000® or G-S Hypo fabric cement onto the underside of each pin catch.

Do-it-Yourself-for-Less Wedding Headbands Dress Up Your Ponytail
For a more casual look, attach a brooch or two to stretchy hair ties. Insert the brooch pin through the band to hold in place. Wrap hair in low or mid-pony for an elegant, yet laid back look.

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