Crystal Ice Necklace

Crystal Ice Necklace
by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Crystal Ice Necklace
This icy cool necklace design is a cinch to make and combines edgy with whimsical for a modern look of elegance, fitting for both summer and winter weddings. Change out ribbon colors after the Big Day for a happily-ever-after necklace you can wear with everything. (Hint: create matching necklaces for your bridesmaids using faceted gemstone nuggets and ribbon that coordinate with your wedding colors.)

Here's how:
Stringing the nuggets

String quartz faceted nuggets onto clear Accu-Flex® professional quality beading wire and crimp onto large sterling silver split rings. Use crimp covers to conceal the crimp tubes. The number of nugget beads to use will depend on the length of the necklace. The length of the quartz beads should be equal to the length of your ribbon, with the silver rings resting midway between the bottom of the necklace and the back of the neck when worn. The necklace pictured contains a 10-inch strand of 11 nuggets, making a 20-inch necklace.

Tying the ribbon
Cut two lengths of ribbon three times the length of your nugget strand. Fold one ribbon length in half and pass the looped end through one of the split rings. Pull the ribbon through the looped end to create a lark's head knot. Do the same with the other length of ribbon. Tie an overhand knot on the ring where your bow will be to hold ribbon in place. Tie ribbon ends into an overhand bow. Separate the double bows and trim ends to your desired lengths.

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