Custom Groomsmen Gifts in Seconds

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Custom Groomsmen Gifts in Seconds Custom Groomsmen Gifts in Seconds

Custom Cuff Links: Great Groomsmen Gifts in Seconds!
Not just for formal occasions anymore, cuff links are an important men's style element as everyday wear for all ages, particularly urban males in their '20s and '30s. (Cuff link style tip: wear cuff links with a dress shirt over a retro rocker tee to add casual class to jeans.)

Gift the groomsmen and the father of the bride with custom-created cuff links they can wear on the special day and a lifetime after.

Here's how
Use beads, cabochons and charms, of either traditional or contemporary influence, to fit the individual personalities of each groomsman and/or the wedding theme.

Cuff links are available in both gold- and silver-plated brass, with either a 12mm flat pad or a 12mm bezel setting. Use the bezel settings for 12mm cabochons and flat round beads. The flat pads can be used with larger beads, cabochons and charms of any shape. Be sure the beads you choose have a flat back such as flat rounds, slabs and flat ovals, squares and rectangles. If using charms, cut off the loop and lightly file any rough edges before adhering to the cuff link finding.

Use an adhesive you're comfortable with including G-S Hypo Cement, E-6000®, Loctite 409® gel or a hot glue gun to create a secure bond between the cuff link component and your focal piece.

When setting the flat-pad cuff link component onto a bead, place the bead face down on your work surface, apply enough glue onto the center of the cuff link pad to allow for spreading and center the pad on the back of the bead. Cuff link pins can be either vertically or horizontally centered onto the bead. For bezel settings, squeeze glue onto cuff link and set cabochon inside. Let dry completely according to the manufacturer's directions for the type of adhesive you're using. Note: For best results, leave face down to dry. For cuff links with cabochons or beads that do not lie flat, position cuff links upright on the link pin by setting in the corner of a display tray or gift box.

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