Shoulder-Duster Brooch Earrings

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Shoulder-Duster Brooch Earrings As brooches continue to be an important element in wedding jewelry along with vintage-style components, it's only natural that the two combine in a pair of shoulder-duster earrings that are dripping in elegance and style. Shoulder-dusters can be worn with a variety of dress styles and look especially dramatic with up-dos.

This particular design features butterfly cameos mounted inside filigree cabochon settings to create the look of a brooch, and incorporates carnelian and sterling silver links with silver-plated chain and faceted carnelian nuggets. Matching brooches with loops, or revamped clip-on earrings, can also substitute for the cabochon settings.

The techniques used in this design are opening and closing jumprings and making simple loops (see below for how-to links).
Here's how
Start by adhering the cameo cabochon to the cabochon setting using G-S hypo cement and let dry. Using two pairs of needle-nose pliers, open the loop on the leverback earwire and attach the carnelian link. Open a jumpring and use to attach the carnelian link to the cabochon setting.
Note: The cabochon settings in Design Idea 99C3 included a permanent bail that was removed with wire nippers before attaching to the jumpring.

Cut four equal lengths of chain and attach two to each side of the cabochon setting using jumprings. Open another jumpring and use to bring all four chains together.

String a faceted carnelian nugget onto a headpin and make a simple loop. Open a jumpring and use to attach the nugget dangle to the jumpring connecting the chain. Close the jumpring and repeat these steps to complete the pair.

The result is an inexpensive look of luxury to be remembered--and worn many times happily ever after your Big Day. For a complete materials list, with direct links to the products used in this project and up-close detail, view this design in the online Gallery of Designs.

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