Copper and Malachite Bracelet

by Laura BlackFeather, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Copper and Malachite Bracelet

Bring an element of classical antiquity to your vintage wedding with filigree antiqued copper cabochon settings and gemstone cabochons. The malachite used in the featured design idea is a beautiful complement to the antiqued copper settings, and offers eye-catching appeal with its natural striations. Copper is a highly versatile metal and pairs intuitively with most gemstones for vintage-style jewelry. The featured 18x13mm cabochon size is common so you can substitute other gemstone, shell and cameo cabochons to match your theme.

Here's how

This particular design uses prong settings to hold the cabochons in place without the need for glue, however glue-in settings will work just as well. Place a cabochon in the setting and gently press each of the four prongs onto the stone using flat-nose pliers. After pressing all four prongs, go back over each a second time to ensure a snug fit. Repeat for each cabochon setting. For a 7-1/2 inch bracelet, you will need seven 30x25mm cabochon settings.

Use two 6mm antiqued copper jumprings to connect each setting together. For the end components, connect the two outside jumprings together with another jumpring. On one of the end components, attach the round end of the toggle clasp to the connecting jumping. For the other end, add another jumpring to the connecting jumpring before attaching the bar end of the clasp. This extra link will make it easier to slide the bar through the ring when closing the clasp.

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