Birdcage Veils--A Glamorous Trend

by Ambyre Phelps, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®
Birdcage Veils--A Glamorous Trend
Following the rise of vintage fashion, birdcage veils have been popping up in movie weddings and on celebrity brides. The style is gaining popularity with brides looking for a unique and glamorous look. Birdcage veils look great with short hair or long, and can be made to flatter every face shape.

Reminiscent of fashion from the 1930s and 1940s, birdcage veils are a cropped veil made of open-weave net, called French or Russian netting. The veil covers part of the face and is often worn asymmetrically for added interest. A feathered or jeweled accent piece anchors the veil, and secures it to hair.

Birdcage Veils--A Glamorous Trend Making the veil is as simple as cutting a piece of French netting to the desired shape. You can finish the edge with a small piece of ribbon or leave it unfinished. Cut the veil to lie straight across the chin-line for a more traditional look, or sweeping at an angle across the face for dramatic statement. Embellish with Swarovski crystals for added glamour.

The ornamental hairpiece, or fascinator, is a very popular addition to the veil. A sparkling brooch makes the perfect centerpiece for a romantic veil with a vintage look. For a bold statement, consider a beautifully preserved flower or black lip shell focal. Whatever you choose, these styles are sure to be popular with brides!

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