Blossoming Bridal Earring and Bracelet Set

Design by Jennifer,
Instructions by Ambyre Phelps, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
Blossoming Bridal Earring and Bracelet Set

Adding a splash of color to wedding jewelry is a modern touch that more and more brides are embracing. Whether it's the wedding colors, a birthstone or just a favorite hue, there are endless ways to add interest to wedding ensembles with color. Looking for a glam take on this trend? Check out the featured bracelet and earring set.

Making a bold statement, this set is a colorful combination of Swarovski crystal nestled within silver-plated blossoms. Try the design's dramatic jewel tones for an evening wedding, or substitute your favorite shades for a personalized design. With a flowing netted chain design, this set imparts elegance and high-impact style all at once.

To make your own version of this colorful set:
  • Start by cutting five pieces of chain to the desired bracelet length.
  • Open the clasp.
  • Add a jumpring to each end of one chain. Using the jumpring, attach a length of chain to a loop on one side of the clasp, then to the corresponding loop on the other side of the clasp. Taking care not to cross the chains, repeat with each chain.
  • Again using jumprings, attach each link of chain on the bracelet to the chain below. This will create a chainmaille-like pattern that will hold the bracelet together.
  • String a Swarovski bead, then a silver-plated rose bead onto a headpin so that the Swarovski bead is cupped by the rose.
  • Create a simple loop at the bottom of the rose; trim any excess wire. Open the loop and attach to a link on the bracelet.
  • Repeat the previous step until the bracelet is covered in beads.
  • To create the earrings, use the steps above to attach several beads to a single length of chain. Attach the chain to the earwire using a jumpring.
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