Gemstone Chandelier Earrings for a Hint of Elegance

Article by Lisa,
Design by Ambyre Phelps,
Instructions by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Gemstone Chandelier Earrings for a Hint of Elegance
From glamorous to casual, each bride chooses a wedding day look that suits her unique taste and style. Many of today's brides are following their heart when it comes to wedding themes, style and fashion, and are decorating and accessorizing for the big day to show off their individuality. For a natural, free-spirited wedding style typical of artsy brides, a pair of gemstone chandelier earrings adds just the right touch of elegance.

With a glimmer of iridescence, these faceted rainbow moonstone and aquamarine earrings would be right at home on a barefoot bride at a beach wedding. They would look equally appealing on the ears of a bride holding her ceremony at a vineyard or ranch--even in a wooded setting under a canopy of twinkling lights. Distinctly elegant, yet not overpowering, this pair would also be a great choice for a rehearsal dinner or a night out during the honeymoon.

To design your own version, use the subtle color inspiration or mix it up with any variety of the bride's favorite gemstones. Design with quartz crystal, chalcedony, rose quartz or pink opal for a pale, neutral color palette. For a punch of color, use stones in bolder hues such as iolite, garnet, tanzanite, aventurine or even turquoise. Whatever stone fits the bride's style, these earrings transcend the big day to make a beautiful addition to any jewelry box.

Create your own pair of gemstone chandelier earrings:
  • Cut 2-1/2 inches of wire and create a wrapped loop at one end.
  • Cut five lengths of chain.
    • (One) one inch (for the center dangle and each side of the central component)
    • (Two) 1/2 inch for the second longest dangles
    • (Two) 1/4 inch for the shortest outer dangles
Designer tip: you might find it easier to double the instructions and cut enough chain for both earrings at once.
  • Put a moonstone briolette onto a headpin and create a wrapped loop. Repeat five times. Using a jumpring, attach the wrapped loop on one briolette to the last link on a length of chain. Add a second jumpring to the link on the other end of the chain. Repeat for the other five briolettes and five lengths of chain. Begin to string the following onto the length of wire with the wrapped loop on one end:
    • Three faceted aquamarine beads
    • One of the 1/4 inch lengths of chain
    • One aquamarine bead
    • One of the 1/2 inch lengths of chain
    • One aquamarine bead
    • The 1-inch length of chain
    • One aquamarine bead
    • The other 1/2 inch length of chain
    • One aquamarine bead
    • The other 1/4 inch length of chain
    • Three aquamarine beads
You should now have a dangling fan shape hanging from your wire.
  • Create a wrapped loop at the other end of the wire.
  • Cut two 7/8 inch lengths of chain. Using a jumpring, attach a chain to one end of the beaded wire. Repeat with the other chain on the other side of the wire.
  • Add a moonstone briolette and three aquamarine beads to a headpin. Create a wrapped loop. Open a jumpring then add the free end of one of the 7/8 inch lengths of chain, the beaded headpin and the free end of the other 7/8 inch length of chain. Close the jumpring. The beaded headpin should be dangling from the jumpring in between the two lengths of chain.
  • Cut a 2-inch length of wire and create a wrapped loop on one end. Add an aquamarine bead, a moonstone round and another aquamarine bead. Create a wrapped loop on the other end.
  • Open the jumpring at the top of the earring, add one loop of the beaded length of wire just created and close the jumpring. Use another jumpring to connect the loop on the other end of the beaded wire and the jumpring used to connect the moonstone briolette and three aquamarine drops to the top of the earring dangle.
  • Hang the earring from a small hook or some other stable place. Using your fingers, gently tug at the 1-inch length of chain and use your finger to guide the central beaded wire into a gradual curve. Take care not to bend the wire too far or kink it.
You now have one completed gemstone chandelier earring. Repeat the steps above to create your second earring.

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