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Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry

by Ambyre, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Adding a hint of color to your wedding ensemble, emerald green makes a dramatic statement. This "it" color is making a grand appearance all over the runway and award shows. Emerald green accents pair beautifully with traditional bridal jewelry elements such as Swarovski crystal, quartz crystal and pearls. Use this deep jewel tone to evoke the glamour of Elizabeth Taylor's breathtaking Bulgari emerald and diamond necklace, in an accessible style. Whether you use sparkling emerald-colored Swarovski or one of the many deep green gemstones, emerald green wedding jewelry marries this on-trend color with timeless style and elegance.

Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry

Add a punch of emerald green color and sparkle to your wrist with a dramatic Swarovski rivoli bracelet.

Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry
Delicately wire-wrapped emerald stones have a contemporary silhouette. A single freshwater pearl adds a traditional bridal element.
Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry
Swarovski crystals on an oversized scale create a sparkling statement necklace.
Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry
The icy appeal of crystal quartz makes a beautiful pair with emerald green freshwater pearls.

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