Pearls of Wisdom

Cubic Zirconia Waterfall Earrings

by Ambyre, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Cubic Zirconia Waterfall Earrings

To add wow factor to any bridal ensemble, look no further than earrings featuring a sparkling cluster of clear cubic zirconia. With elegant pear-shaped gems cascading toward the shoulder, these sterling silver earrings create a contemporary silhouette with a classic look. Whether you're a wedding jewelry designer or a bride looking for that special finishing touch, this luxe waterfall design will complement any dress, from contemporary to vintage. Showcase this dramatic choice with an updo for wedding day style that's sure to dazzle.

Creating your own pair of diamond look-alike cubic zirconia earrings is as simple as setting gems with Wrap-Tite® settings and attaching to a length of sterling silver chain. With a design as easy as it is elegant, why stop with one pair? This easy-to-master technique can be used to create a second pair for the honeymoon or rehearsal dinner--just use any combination of the beautiful array of colored pear-shaped gems available.

  • Cut a 4-inch length of chain. (When cutting the chain, start and end with the larger loops, not the smaller figure eight links in between.)
  • Attach one end of one 4-inch length of chain to a clamp on the Chain Sta Stabilization Solution. Open 7 jumprings and set aside.
  • Set 7 of the cubic zirconia pear-shaped gems in Wrap-Tite settings.
  • Thread an open jumpring through the top loop of a Wrap-Tite setting and the bottom link in the chain; close the jumpring. Moving up the chain, skipping the small figure eight link, attach another cubic zirconia on the left side of the next large link.
  • Taking care to keep the stones facing the same direction, alternate adding cubic zirconia between the left and right sides of each large loop in the length of chain.
  • Using chain-nose pliers, open the loop on the earwire and attach to the same link the last cubic zirconia was added to. Close the earwire loop and cut any excess chain.
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