How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

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With so many wedding dress styles and contemporary alternatives to choose from, finding the right bridal jewelry can be difficult. Here are a few popular ways to find the perfect complementary jewelry choices for the big day.

Taking Cues from Your Dress

No matter what you decide to wear to get married, you're bound to find jewelry to match. Traditional wedding gowns with square, cowl or deep-V necklines draw attention to the collar, making them ideal for statement necklaces, colorful pendants and other designs around 18 inches long. High-neck and illusion dresses are ideal for large, sparkling earrings, while gowns with a low back are perfect for showing off back jewelry and necklaces with front-and-back designs.

Dresses with short sleeves or shortened hemlines provide ample opportunity for layering bracelets on the wrists and ankles. Looking for even more sparkle? Pair your off-the-shoulder ensemble with a large collar necklace or jewelry harness that sweeps the shoulders for out-of-this-world glam. If you'd rather draw attention to your face or intricate updo, choose decorative hairpieces like tiaras, wire vines, embellished clips, combs or barrettes.

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

Colorful wedding dresses, separates and more are just as easy to take style cues from. Blush, grey, taupe and black gowns provide a neutral backdrop for jewelry of any color, allowing plenty of opportunities for wedding jewelry sets in vivid colors. Dresses in bright colors, like red, blue, green or purple, are complemented by metallics and rich jewel tones like Pacific Blue, La Rosa Catrina, Forte and Juniper. Not sure what color of jewelry will look best with your colorful dress? Explore our Color Forecast for ideas and find matching jewelry supplies with ease.

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If the traditional route isn't your style, opt for a suit, pants set, skirt set or jumpsuit. Easily pin a brooch to a suit jacket or nestle a necklace beneath your shirt collars. Dress up a romper or jumpsuit with rhinestone-encrusted shoes or a white hat with a bedazzled ribbon. If your outfit is transformative--say, a bodysuit with a removable skirt, or a short dress with a long overlay--consider opting for convertible jewelry designs that allow you to change up your look with ease.

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

Matching jewelry to your outfit shouldn’t stop with the bride! Spice up the groom's suit with personalized cuff links, a tie clip or tie tac. Embellished pocket squares are an easy way to play around with style, and necklaces can easily be worn with--or in place of--a tie. When it comes to matching your jewelry to your wedding ensemble, there's no limit to the number of stylish options to choose from.

Finding a Personal Touch

When looking for wedding jewelry, it's important to find pieces that speak to you. Finding (or making) jewelry with personal touches will make your accessories feel even more sentimental and serve as a beautiful reminder of the special day. Jewelry is a great way to honor your interests, culture, family roots or unique tastes without drawing attention away from what's most important.

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

Practice the tradition of "something old" by preserving a bit of lace in a pendant. Honor your or your spouse's cultural heritage by wearing a piece of jewelry with traditional symbolism or colors. Find a way to incorporate your hobbies into your attire with themed jewelry or materials. Birthstone jewelry and family pieces are a great way to honor each other or your families and make the day even more special. No matter what you choose, it's all about you and your bride or groom.

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

Inspired by the Big Day

Many brides take inspiration from the event itself to find the right jewelry. The overall theme and color scheme can easily be incorporated into wedding accessories. If your big day will be black-tie, consider elegant accessories with gleaming metals and crystals. For a boho-chic affair, complement your look with gemstones, and for a rustic garden party, pearls will do the trick.

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

You can also consider the details of your wedding day as inspiration for your jewelry. If you're going over the top with flowers, choose a floral necklace and earrings to match. If you're having a micro-wedding, minimalist jewelry will go a long way. You might also want to choose different jewelry for the ceremony and the reception; an understated set won't distract while you say your "I do's", and a large, festive piece will really shine on the dance floor.

Ultimately, choosing jewelry for your big day is a very personal, memorable decision. It might be tempting to follow tradition and stick with simple pieces, but recent years have shown that brides and grooms are finding more and more ways to personalize their romantic celebrations. As we ring in 2022 and a whole year's worth of newlyweds, feel free to eschew tradition and choose what speaks to you!

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