Black Details

Black Details
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Design Idea 9B05 Necklace and Earring Set What do you get when you pair black with white? Why, a very sophisticated color palette, of course. Combine black accessories with a white dress, and you have instant glamour. A bridal gown is the perfect starting place to make a black and white statement. With the beautiful white gown already picked out, all you need are a few key black jewelry accessories.

Black jewelry ups the glam factor making it perfect for a sophisticated evening wedding. Take inspiration from popular bridal designers like Carolina Herrera or Ivy and Aster who showed dresses with black details for Spring 2012. Create accessories that perfectly match this elegant trend using black gemstones such as onyx, jet, obsidian, black crystal, ribbon and darkened metals like gunmetal. Black beaded detailing lends intricate beauty to a wedding dress, matching clutch or an eye-catching belt. Wherever you add black, your handmade bridal accessories are sure to put your wedding fashion over the edge of high glamour.

Design Idea A771 Bracelet

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