Design Idea C22C Earrings

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® Collection

Pavé jewelry is a style that continues to pass the test of time. The word pavé comes from the French word for "pavement" or "cobblestone," referring to the way the stones are set in close rows, sitting flush with each other. This creates the look of a cobblestone-paved street. Traditionally, pavé jewelry is made with diamonds, although any stone can be set in the pavé-style. Since this is a technique that spans centuries, pavé-style bridal jewelry has a timeless look that continues to be popular with brides and grooms for engagement rings and other jewelry for the big day.

Creating your own pavé-style bridal jewelry is elegant and affordable when you use Apoxie® Sculpt, a two-part sculptural epoxy. While you can use Apoxie's moldable formula to do a variety of things, including setting cabochons, glass, plastic, wood and metal, it's especially useful for setting flat back and chaton crystals to create pavé-style jewelry. With a long, 1-3 hour working time and 0% shrinkage, Apoxie opens a world of possibilities. To use, you simply mix equal parts of the epoxy for two minutes or until it's thoroughly combined. It becomes putty-like in texture and can then be shaped, rolled, molded or sculpted. After 24 hours, Apoxie is dry and ready to wear.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a wide variety of settings, perfect for creating pavé-style jewelry using Apoxie Sculpt. Any finding with a channel can be used to place Apoxie and set stones, or you can use an open ring to create your own settings. The featured bridal earrings were made with white Apoxie Sculpt, brass findings and crystal chatons. The white background beautifully showcases the AB finish of the crystals, while the antiqued brass findings give the earrings a vintage look. Sure to stun, these glamorous earrings provide the look of expensive jewelry at an affordable price. After all, what bride wouldn't love her own pair of custom-made pavé earrings?

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