by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Finding the perfect style for your bridesmaids dresses can be a challenge. If you find the right color, the style isn't right--or when you have the right style, the color doesn't match your theme. You finally find the dress all your bridesmaids love and it fits into your color palette, so now you have to consider accessories. Instead of breaking your budget and stressing about it, let's take care of the bridesmaids.

There are plenty of options for accessorizing your bridesmaids with economical premade jewelry. If you can't spend the time and money on making jewelry from scratch, focus your energy on planning the celebration and saving for your honeymoon. By shopping this premade jewelry selection, you save the work of making individual pieces, giving you back valuable planning time.

The most common style of bridesmaids dresses for summer weddings is shorter, at the knee or mid-thigh, sleeveless or strapless and brightly colored. Stackable bracelets are the ideal piece of jewelry to finish off a bright, short dress and color coordinated heels. Pick matching colors, or for a more eye-catching appeal, choose color complements. Royal blue and mango orange, apple green and fuchsia, orchid purple and sage green: all of these are stunning examples that can match your wedding theme and overall color palette.

Glass and Organza Stretch Bracelets


Available in a variety of colors, each bracelet consists of three or four strands of glass beads tied together with organza ribbon. These bracelets are sold in sets of seven, to help save for your much deserved honeymoon. These vibrant bracelets are also fun gifts that your bridesmaids will enjoy.

Colors available: Colored Bangles

Another colorful option starting at around $6 each, are colorful metallic bangles. Each bracelet consists of 40 interlocking bangles that offer a modern and youthful approach to your bridesmaids' accessories. Bangles are also available in multicolored sets that are not interlocking. Regardless of which style, your bridesmaids will love these playful bracelets.

Colors available: Bracelets
There are many other bracelets and types of jewelry available to suit your budget and style needs, guaranteeing you a memorable wedding well within your budget.