Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

by Lisa Coen, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's believed that as far back as Medieval Germany, wedding anniversaries were celebrated by husbands and wives. After 25 years of marriage a woman received a silver wreath. After 50 years she'd receive a gold wreath. While we're all wondering how people in Medieval Germany lived long enough to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, let's review the gift tradition ...

The creation of structured gifting for milestone anniversaries has been credited to the American National Retail Jeweler Association and etiquette expert Emily Post. Though it may vary in some countries, the customary anniversary gifts are: paper for the 1st anniversary, wood for the 5th, tin for the 10th, china for the 20th, silver for the 25th and gold for the 50th--with plenty of other choices for all the years in between. Today, many rely on the "modern list" for anniversary gifts: clocks for the 1st anniversary, china for the 2nd, crystal glassware for the 3rd and so on with silver and gold still representing the 25th and 50th years.

Not only do the traditional and modern gift lists exist for inspiration, but there is a gemstone, flower and color associated with each anniversary year as well. This is exciting news for designers who'd like to branch out into a guaranteed market--similar to birthstones, anniversary gemstones are sure sellers. With these gemstone gift options, designers can create entire lines of anniversary jewelry (or supplement handcrafted designs with finished jewelry) to offer meaningful gemstone anniversary gifts throughout the year.

The widely recognized gemstone and metal list is as follows:

Gemstones and Metals
Year Material Need an Idea?
1 Gold Create a 14Kt Gold-Filled Chain Necklace
Design Idea A648 Necklace
2 Garnet Designs featuring Garnet Gemstones
Design Idea A648 Necklace
3 Pearls Shop Pearl Jewelry
4 Blue Topaz Designs featuring Blue Topaz Gemstones
Design Idea JA2P Necklace and Earrings
5 Sapphire Shop Sapphire Faceted Gems
Sapphire Faceted Gems
6 Amethyst Shop Amethyst Jewelry
Item Number 1627JC Earring
7 Onyx Designs featuring Onyx Gemstones
Design Idea J308 Necklace and Earrings
8 Tourmaline Designs featuring Tourmaline Gemstones
Design Idea J604 Necklace and Earrings
9 Lapis Lazuli Shop for Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
Lapis Lazuli Ring
10 Diamond Shop for Diamond Gemstone Chips
Item Number 1510GE Beads
11 Turquoise Designs featuring Turquoise Gemstone Beads
12 Jade Designs featuring Nephrite Jade
13 Citrine Shop Citrine Gemstones
Item Number 2556FG Gem
14 Opal Shop Opal Beads and Components
Opal Gemstone Cabochons
15 Ruby Designs featuring Ruby Gemstones
Design Idea E70Y Earrings
16 Peridot Designs featuring Peridot Gemstones
Design Idea 822L Ring
17 Carnelian Shop Carnelian Gemstones
Item Number
18 Cat's Eye Quartz Shop Cat's Eye Quartz Gemstones
Cat's Eye Quartz Beads and Components
19 Aquamarine Designs featuring Aquamarine Gemstones
Design Idea AA67 Earrings
20 Emerald Shop Emerald Faceted Gems
Emerald Faceted Gems
21 Iolite Designs featuring Iolite Gemstones
Design Idea F90S Necklace and Earrings
22 Spinel Designs featuring Spinel Gemstones
Design Idea G30W Earrings
23 Imperial Topaz Shop Faux Imperial Topaz
Item Number 1022YT Gem
24 Tanzanite Shop Tanzanite Gemstones
Tanzanite Gemstone Beads and Components
25 Silver Designs featuring Silver Metal Clay
Design Idea GC0G Pendant
30 Pearl Shop Pearls
35 Emerald Designs featuring Emerald Gemstones
Design Idea A8PZ Earrings
40 Ruby Shop Ruby Faceted Gems
Ruby Gemstone Faceted Gems
45 Sapphire Shop Sapphire Gemstone Beads
Item Number 3154GE Bead
50 Gold Shop Gold-Filled Charms
Item Number B5648FN Charm
55 Alexandrite Designs featuring Alexandrite Gemstones
A38N Necklace
60 Diamond Shop Clasps Embellished with Diamonds
Item Number 1931FD Clasp
65 Blue Spinel View Smoky Spice Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
70 Sapphire Shop Sapphire Gemstone Beads
Item Number 1386LE Bead
75 Diamond Designs featuring Diamond Chips
B22M Earrings
80 Ruby Designs featuring Ruby Gemstones
Design Idea H714 Earrings

Traditional Anniversary Gifts
Year Gift Need an Idea?
1 Paper Designs featuring Paper
Design Idea C12G Necklace
2 Cotton Shop Cotton Tassels
3 Leather Designs featuring Leather
Design Idea E404 Bracelet
4 Linen, Silk, Fruit or Flowers Shop Fine Silver Flowers
Fine Silver Pendant
5 Wood Shop Wood Components
Item Number B1506FN Drop
6 Iron or Sweets Discover Candyworld
Design Idea F73G Necklace and Earrings
7 Copper or Wool Create with Copper
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
8 Salt or Bronze Designs featuring Bronze Sheet
Design Idea E90H Earrings
9 Pottery or Copper Designs featuring Copper Metal Clay
Design Idea B43M Bracelet
10 Aluminum or Tin Create with Aluminum Chain
Design Idea D510 Necklace and Earrings
11 Steel Create Stainless Steel Wirework
Design Idea G90S Necklace and Earrings
12 Linen or Silk Designs featuring Silk Tassels
Design Idea J511
13 Lace Shop Lazer Lace™ Components
Item Number B5329FN Focal
14 Ivory Shop Faux Ivory
Item Number 2941GP Pearl
15 Crystal Designs featuring Quartz Crystal Gemstones
Design Idea J507 Earrings
16 Holloware View Teapot Design Inspirations
Design Idea 687Y Teapot Wind Chime
17 Furniture View a One of a Kind Serving Tray
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
18 Porcelain Shop Porcelain Components
Item Number 1468PN Drop
19 Bronze Create with Bronze Metal Clay
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
20 China Create a Tea Party Bracelet
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
25 Silver Shop Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Finished Jewelry
30 Pearl Designs featuring Saltwater Pearls
Design Idea J70Y Earrings
35 Coral Designs featuring Coral
Design Idea 8801 Necklace
40 Ruby Shop Ruby Gemstone Beads
Item Number 9890GS Bead
45 Sapphire Designs featuring Sapphire Gemstones
A152 Bracelet
50 Gold Shop Gold-Filled Beads
Item Number 1000BP Bead
55 Emerald Shop Emerald Gemstone Beads
Item Number 1504GE Bead
60 Diamond Shop for Diamond Gemstone Chips
Item Number 1510GE Bead
65 Blue Sapphire Designs featuring Sapphire Gemstones
Design Idea J22E Necklace and Earrings
70 Platinum Shop Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Platinum
Platinum Swarovski Crystal Pearls
75 Diamond Shop Clasps Embellished with Diamonds
Item Number 1931FD Clasp

Modern Anniversary Gifts
Year Gift Need an Idea?
1 Clocks Designs featuring Clocks
Design Idea A44T Earrings
2 China Tea Cup Pet
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
3 Crystal or Glass Projects featuring Swarovski® Crystals
4 Appliances Kilns
5 Silverware Polish Your Silverware
Item Number 4162TL Shine Cloth
6 Wood Designs featuring Petrified Wood
Design Idea 99BQ Cuff Links
7 Desk Set Bead a Pen
Design Idea J53N Pen
8 Linens or Lace Designs featuring Filigree
Design Idea BBAJ Earrings
9 Leather Shop Leather Working Supplies
Leatherworking Tools and Supplies
10 Diamond Designs featuring Diamond Chips
Design Idea B22M Earrings
11 Fashion Jewelry Shop Simple and Sleek Jewelry™
Simple and Sleek Jewelry
12 Pearls or Gems Shop Faceted Gems
Faceted Gems and Birthstones
13 Textiles or Fur Create with Textiles and Fiber
Fiber and Textile Jewelry Medium Page
14 Gold Jewelry Shop Gold Jewelry
Item Number 9554JW Earring
15 Watch Designs featuring Watch Components
Design Idea A44N Necklace
16 Silver Holloware View Silver Caviar Leaf Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
17 Furniture View Russian Table Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
18 Porcelain Create a Necklace with Porcelain Flowers
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
19 Bronze Shop Bronze Sheet
Item Number 6257BS Sheet
20 Platinum Shop Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Platinum
Platinum Swarovski Crystal Pearls
21 Brass or Nickel Designs featuring Brass Sheet
Design Idea E50X Earrings
22 Copper Designs featuring Lillypilly Copper Sheet
Design Idea G91A Earrings
23 Silver Plate Shop Silver-Plated Jewelry
Item Number JK1006G Necklace
24 Musical Instruments Shop Music-Themed Charms
Item Number 3518FD Charm Set
25 Silver Watch Silver Metal Clay How-Tos
Design Idea E14L Bracelet
26 Original Pictures View Wall Art
Design Idea J54G Wall Art
27 Sculpture View Sculptures
Design Idea BC19 Sculpture
28 Orchids Designs of Orchids
Design Idea 88U9 Orchid
29 Furniture View Table Lamps
Design Idea 742L Table Lamp
30 Diamond Shop Herkimer ''Diamonds''
Item Number A1743NB Gem
31 Timepieces Watch Design Inspirations
Design Idea A8G9 Watch
32 Transportation Shop Transportation Charms
Item Number 2749FD Charm
33 Amethyst Designs featuring Amethyst Gemstones
Design Idea F40R Necklace and Earrings
34 Opal Designs featuring Opal Gemstones
Design Idea J32Z Necklace
35 Jade Shop Jade Jewelry and Gifts
Item Number JK1013G Necklace
36 Bone China
37 Alabaster Shop Alabaster-Finished Beads
Item Number 8110MD Bead
38 Beryl Shop Beryl Gemstones
Beryl Gemstone Beads and Components
39 Lace Shop Blue Lace Agate Gemstones
Blue Lace Agate Focal
40 Ruby Designs featuring Ruby Gemstones
Design Idea C16K Necklace
50 Gold Jewelry Designs featuring 14Kt Gold-Filled Beads
Design Idea 761G Earrings

Anniversary Flowers
Year Flower Need an Idea?
1 Carnation View A Mother's Day Carnation Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
2 Cosmos View The Cosmos Bunch Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
3 Sunflower View Sunflower Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
4 Geranium View Geranium Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
5 Daisy View Planter with Daisy's Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
6 Calla Lily View Calla Lily Bouquet Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
7 Freesia Create a vase for your Freesia
Design Idea F33Z Home Decor
8 Lilac View Picnic in May on Lilac Way Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
9 Bird of Paradise Create a vase for your Bird of Paradise
10 Daffodil View The Daffodil Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
11 Tulip View Flower Garden Bouquet Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
12 Peony View Vitrium Clay Peony
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
13 Crysanthemum View Mums Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
14 Dahlia View Wild Flowers Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
15 Rose View a Sparkling Bouquet of Roses
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
20 Aster View Garden of Versailles Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
25 Iris View Iris Embroidered Pillow
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
30 Lily View Day Lily Brooch Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
40 Gladiola View Pink Aspirations Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts
50 Violets and Yellow Roses View Cup-Shaped Rose Claudia Design
Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Colors
Year Colors Need an Idea?
1 Gold or Yellow
2 Linen White
3 Brown
4 Lime Green
5 Turquoise
6 White
7 Off White
8 Bronze
9 Terracotta
10 Silver
11 Turquoise
12 Oyster White
13 Antique White
14 Opal
15 Ivory
16 Red
17 Yellow
18 Blue
19 Bronze
20 Emerald Green or White
21 Orange
22 Green
23 Silver
24 Lavender
25 Silver
30 Green
35 Coral
40 Ruby Red
45 Sapphire Blue
50 Gold
55 Emerald Green
60 White
65 Sky Blue
70 Platinum
75 White

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