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Bridal Bracelet Beauty Bridal Bracelet Beauty Design Idea BC0M Bracelet
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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The bride prepares for her wedding: perhaps she finds the perfect necklace to accentuate her dress, or a pair of stunning earrings, of course there's bling from the ring but--oh no!--what has been forgotten? The bracelet. Whether the bride to be is a gaga for glitz and glamour or going with a more traditional take on jewelry, don't let her wrist be caught without.

Lots of attention will be directed to the bride's wrist as she takes those steps down the aisle holding her bouquet, when she waves to and greets family and friends as well as while she holds her glass for the toast. The bracelet is the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch and sparkle into wedding jewelry designs.

Big trends in wedding bracelets include multi-strand pearls joined by sparkling spacers, wire-wrapping as well as embellished cuffs filled with intricate seed beads, crystal, lace and pearl accents. Display the beauty and personality of natural freshwater pearls or incorporate the consistency and flash of Swarovski crystal pearls. Bring the style together with your favorite metal tones or wedding color palettes for high style reflecting your taste at a DIY price. Match the bracelet with the rest of the bride's jewelry for a gorgeous set or allow the piece to add unique sparkle all its own. Create your own "something new" (and sparkly!).

Take inspiration from some bridal bracelet beauties in the Gallery of Designs

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Perhaps you're interested in purchasing (or seeking more delightful inspiration from) a finished bracelet. Look through Fire Mountain Gems' ready-to-wear jewelry and take advantage of premade on-trend style. Find a perfect complement or add a splash of color sure to draw attention as the bouquet is thrown. Select a bracelet that eloquently finishes your jewelry set and will be sure to turn heads.

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