Invite Bold to the Black and White Wedding

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by Roberta Grace, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The black and white wedding trend is still going strong--and for good reason. Black and white is a sophisticated color palette that conjures up a sense of glamour. White bridal gowns remain the color of choice with an addition of stand-out black flair. Embellishing the dress material with black details, and adding similar dark accents to handmade bridal accessories, can make the entire wedding design elegant and fashion forward.

The bride's jewelry can include a necklace and earring set, cocktail ring and hair combs. Accent shoes, clutch, bride's bouquet and the wedding cake with the same or similar beads used in the bride's jewelry for a completely customized look. Black-colored gemstones include agate, jade, jet, marble, obsidian, onyx, serpentine and tourmaline. Get the look you need with various facets, textures and sizes of natural gems. Cultured pearls and Swarovski crystal pearls are available in shades of black. With so many wedding-ready beading options, you'll find the perfect price point to keep the wedding within budget.
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Swarovski crystal

Add a pop of color with Swarovski crystal

New to the black and white wedding trend is the addition of bold statement jewelry. Old Hollywood-style lavish designs with big baubles can serve to pump up the matrimonial pizazz. The black and white wedding "canvas" provides a neutral base for adding a pop of color and showcasing a particularly stunning jewelry item. Does the bride have an heirloom piece she'd like to wear? Is there a favorite celebrity style she wants to simulate? Does the groom have an adventurous suggestion? The new bold trend provides bridal jewelry designers a huge opportunity to be ingenious and creative. Pursue the new bold wedding look by incorporating beautiful gemstones fit for a modern wedding.

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