Luster and Shine and Everything Nice

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by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Luster and shine and everything nice--that's what brides are made of. One thing is crystal clear this bridal season--pearls are stepping out with crystals and faceted stones for special-day statements. Classic pearls bring a natural softness to the brilliance of faceted stones, ushering in subtle sophistication and understated glamour for timeless brides.

This versatile bridal jewelry trend can be adapted to any style of wedding from a sandy beach to a formal church hall, mixing in well with all different levels of formality and any time of day. Wedding colors can be incorporated into jewelry with colored fancy stones and pearls, or the statement necklace can be designed with classic white cultured freshwater pearls and clear crystals. The contrasting combination of pearls and crystals in the same piece--sparkly and matte, edgy and smooth, natural and manmade--offers a visual metaphor for the union of two different individuals coming together as one.

Luster and Shine and Everything Nice

Right in line with current fashion and runway reports, this marriage of materials--equal parts luster and shine--is seen in dramatic chokers and collar necklaces, elongated bracelet cuffs and oversized earrings. Adorn the entire bridal party and surprise the mother of the bride and groom with special pieces in this opulent jewelry trend.

The Luster

Let the remarkable beauty of pearls captivate the wedding crowd. Choose from naturally formed cultured freshwater pearls and the perfectly smooth, round shape of precision-made Swarovski crystal pearls and glass pearls for all kinds of design possibilities. Incorporate "something old" by using heirloom pearls in a new design or adding a sparkling pendant to an existing strand of special pearls. Find classic and designer colors in cultured freshwater and glass pearls to match any style of wedding jewelry.

Update traditional pearl accents by using different shaped pearls, such as button, potato and rice. Shop the White Lotus™ pearl collection for designer quality cultured freshwater pearls.

Luster and Shine and Everything Nice Luster and Shine and Everything Nice

The Shine

Add sparkling brilliance with Swarovski crystal beads, fancy shapes, pendants, rhinestones and sew-on components. Consider AB and AB2X finishes for even more flash. Find an unlimited amount of shine in faceted gems, Dione® faceted glass beads, Celestial Crystal® beads and components and Czech pressed glass beads. Faceted gems can be set with Wrap-Tite® or Snap-Tite® settings, wire-wrapped or secured with a bead embroidered or peyote-stitched bezel.

Bridal jewelry designers are using the Almost Instant Jewelry® system to easily set Swarovski fancy stones for beautiful on-trend pieces. Simply select fancy stones, settings and use epoxy to create a stunning pendant or component to combine with pearls.

Luster and Shine and Everything Nice Luster and Shine and Everything Nice

The spectacular pairing of luster and shine is a sure way to complement any bride. Find more ideas for incorporating these two elements together in one statement piece in the ''7 Principles of Design for Jewelry-Making Inspiration'' series.

Be inspired with more pearl and crystal design inspirations for special day jewelry statements.

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