Birds of a Feather
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The birds have it this season as bird-themed weddings soar in popularity. Brides are flocking to incorporate this chic, dainty, vintage-inspired (and just super darn cute) motif into all aspects of their special day. Birds can be found perched on everything from cupcake flags to invitations to table décor and most importantly, jewelry and hair accessories. Here are three different ways to capture and create this trend in wedding jewelry for the big day.

Design Idea 9885 Earrings Birds are a perfect complement to weddings as they are commonly known to symbolize beauty, peace, happiness, grace, love and gentleness. Their endearing images and natural form lend themselves well to embarking on a new life journey.

Design stunning (yet inexpensive) pendant necklaces for the bridal party or wedding favors with bird charms. Enclose necklaces in gift pouches or place in small bird nests made from twine for a beautiful presentation. Necklaces can also be displayed inside bird cage centerpieces and guests can select their own as a wedding favor.

Incorporate bird pendants and components, such as swallows and sparrows, into bridal jewelry for a delicately feminine style. Combine with Swarovski crystal pearls and antiqued metal chain for a vintage-inspired statement. Use bird-themed charm holders to create one-of-kind jewelry gifts for the mother of the bride and groom, filling it with birthstones or beads that hold special meaning.

Add specific bird images to jewelry with Omni-Gel™ photo-transfer liquid and design your own custom pieces for the ultimate in wedding personalization. Create bracelets, drop earrings, pendant necklaces or embellishments to attach to bouquets, wedding décor and favors. View a free how-to guide on using Omni-Gel photo-transfer liquid to bring images to life in jewelry art.
Bird-Themed Beads and Components

Design Idea C32A Earrings Brides can celebrate their new "nest" with bird's nest jewelry. Elegantly clever, yet chic and sophisticated, a bird's nest necklace, earrings or brooch is a beautiful addition to any wedding jewelry wardrobe.

Built from beading wire, wire-wrapped nests can be filled with Swarovski pearls, cultured freshwater pearls or gemstone beads for a personalized touch. Match the eggs (beads) to wedding colors, make different colors for each person in the bridal party or fill with birthstones of children (representing the union of a blended family). Find more information on making bird's nest jewelry in this featured Ask the Experts on wire-wrapped bird's nest pendants.

Brides are fawning over feathers for the ultimate in wedding fashion. Feathers can be found in invitation envelopes, hair accessories, bouquets, dress embellishments, jewelry and more. Use feather charms and pendants or feathers themselves to add this on-trend bird-inspired element. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers an enticing selection of feathers and feathered charms and pendants to match any bridal style, and add dimension and interest to designs.

Design Idea CACH Earrings Design Idea CA4C Hair Stick Design Idea C14T Boutonniere

View the following free resources for helpful hints, design tips and ideas on incorporating feathers in jewelry, clothing and accessories for the wedding day: Design with ... If you have a question or feedback on this Pearls of Wisdom article, or would like to share your own wedding project idea, please contact us here.