Say, "I Do" to DIY

Say Say, "I Do" to DIY
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The DIY craze has taken hold of modern nuptials for truly unique "I Do" personality. Do-it-yourself additions provide boundless possibilities for making the special day mean even more, with specifically created décor containing significance for the wedding party.

Say, "I Do" to DIY Say, "I Do" to DIY

Announce the coming matrimony with decorated announcements. Invitations begin the colors, theme and tone of your wedding, so why not make it entirely your own? Any flat-backed component including, but not limited to, pearl embellishments, Swarovski crystal fancy stones, glass flat back rhinestones and cameos are perfect additions. Go even further with the design potential and add organza, silk and velvet ribbon or colored thread to quite literally tie the glamour together. Such texture and dimension creates drama, making for memorable invitations worthy of scrapbooks and other creative homage to your special day. Even preserve parts of those creative "Save the Date" cards in bezel settings and ICE Resin® for romantic jewelry that will remain near and dear long after the vows are said.

Say, "I Do" to DIY Say, "I Do" to DIY Say, "I Do" to DIY
Say, "I Do" to DIY Say, "I Do" to DIY

From initially spreading the wonderful word to friends and family, retain those incorporated design elements and spice up place cards or table numbers, napkin rings and décor. Easily match settings in lustrous metal tones with glass, acrylic or gemstone cabochons to add striking pops of color. Add a pin back finding to the settings and fasten folded napkins closed. Affix cameos to ribbons along with Swarovski crystal that match your palette to create wraps, which can then be placed around jars or candle bases on each table. Cameos are known to provide a sophisticated air, but can also add a touch of vintage whimsy when paired with certain color schemes and fabrics (such as this season’s popular burlap).

Kanzashi Flower Templates Say, "I Do" to DIY

Liven up attendee’s seating and table number cards with easy-to-make, but beautiful to look at, fabric flowers using kanzashi flower templates. Flowers will never be out of style for any wedding season and kanzashi offers low-maintenance beauty since they will not fade or wilt. The lightweight multi-petal flowers are ideal for adding to wedding decorations, hair adornments and even shoes. Embellish the bridal party’s shoes with more than just silk flowers too. Incorporate feathers and rhinestone-embellished brooches as well, clipped onto the back of the bride’s shoes so fashion will follow at her heels during the ceremony.

Say, "I Do" to DIY Charm Holders

Keep the toasting glasses and guest wine stems in your motif by selecting charm holders with popular designs including hearts, butterflies, lovebirds and more. Slide on charms that match wedding themes or personal interests of the bride and groom. Alternatively, go with the equally beautiful simplicity of thin gauge, larger sized jumprings around wine stems and attach attention-grabbing faceted Swarovski drops and pendants. Keep track of everyone’s drink while not missing a chance to add an exceptional accent.

However you decide to display your creative spirit on such a special day, just remember the sky is the limit. There are hundreds of personalizing opportunities to make saying your vows a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Say, "I Do" to DIY Say, "I Do" to DIY

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