Camo Chic

Camo Chic title Design Idea 98NQ Earrings

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Brides and grooms are on the hunt for camo as redneck-style weddings are soaring in popularity. And if you've never been to a redneck wedding, you're missing out! Typically these country weddings have lots of beer, lots of good food, lots of good music and lots of family and friends having a good time.

This wedding trend is redefining the purpose of camouflage, because instead of being used to hide or conceal something,
Design Idea 98NQ Earrings
this distinctive print is popping up in attention-getting bridal jewelry, dresses, tuxes and wedding décor, including invitations, favors and more. Target this trend, inspired by top fashion runways and reality television shows such as Duck Dynasty and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, by designing with camouflage-colored Swarovski crystal beads, Swarovski crystal pearls and gemstone beads for the big day and beyond.

Design Idea E615 Earrings Design Idea E624 Necklace
Design Idea E615 Earrings Design Idea E624 Necklace Design Idea 63DK Bracelet
Design Idea E624 Necklace Design Idea 63DK Bracelet

The hidden secret to creating great camo-inspired wedding jewelry is simply incorporating the colors of camouflage into the design, as this traditionally masculine color scheme is made beautifully feminine in any form of jewelry. Typically the base color is tan and then green, brown and black are present in the pattern. Other combinations include dark tan, khaki and brown or light grey, medium grey and black, or dark tan, light grey and brown.

Be sure to scope out Swarovski's fern green and topaz color-blended beads, offering a different color on each half of the bead. This spectacular two-toned color combination is created by uniting the grassy hues of fern green with the vibrant golden tones of topaz for a sparkling camo effect. Shop the hand-selected assortment of Swarovski crystal crystal beads and crystal pearls below for camo jewelry made easy. And, designs can also feature camouflage-colored gemstone beads, such as Camo Stone™ for a beautiful effect.

Here are more ideas for a camo chic wedding:
  • Camo fleece blankets for outdoor/evening weddings
  • Camouflage-patterned wedding invitations
  • Duck calls as favors or incorporated into ceremony
  • Roasted pig for reception
  • Mason jar wine glasses
  • Camo-colored cake or cupcakes
  • Camo engagement ring and wedding band set
  • Camo hair accessories, such as barrettes or headband
  • Camouflage-colored flowers in bouquet
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Mystic Black Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Mystic

Black Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Black

Dark Grey Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Dark

Light Grey Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Light

Grey Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Grey

Antique Brass Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Antique Brass

Swarovski Crystal Brown Pearls

Crystal Brown

Deep Brown Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Deep Brown

Greige Swarovski Crystal Beads


Light Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Light Green

Powder Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Powder Green

Dark Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Crystal Dark Green

Smoky Quartz Swarovski Crystal Beads

Smoky Quartz

Swarovski Crystal Blend Colors Fern Green and Topaz Beads

Fern Green/Topaz Blend

Mocca Swarovski Crystal Beads


Jet Swarovski Crystal Beads


Swarovski Crystal Smoked Topaz Beads

Smoked Topaz

Olivine Swarovski Crystal Beads


Dark Moss Green Swarovski Crystal Beads

Dark Moss Green

Khaki Swarovski Crystal Beads


Camo Stone Gemstone Beads and Components

Camo Stone

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