by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Brides are looking to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' expansive offering of gift boxes, pouches, jars, tins and bags to make the ultimate presentation for wedding favors and special gifts. Economically priced and organized in an easy-to-shop from fashion, there's something to match every wedding style.

Favor boxes, jars or gift pouches can be filled with any type of sweet treat including jelly beans, personalized M and M'sĀ®, brownies, cookies, gumballs, truffles, saltwater taffy, caramels and more. Place individual boxes at each table setting for a special thank you.

One of the most popular choices of brides is to fill favor boxes with Jordan almonds. These fancy, sugarcoated candies are rich in flavor and cultural meaning. Fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste, which represents life. The sugarcoating is added with the hope that the newlyweds' life will be more sweet than bitter. Five almonds signify five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Odd numbers are indivisible, symbolizing how the newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. Fill Boxes with Jordan Almonds

These delectable boxes can also be filled with tea, soap, candles, birdseed, jewelry, keychains ... basically anything imaginable for beautiful results. Add stickers or monograms for instant personalization.

Brides can also find wine bottle gift bags, gift boxes and nesting boxes for even more gifting options.

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