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Longitude and Latitude Wedding Jewelry

Longitude and Latitude Wedding Jewelry Design Idea F76A Necklace and Earrings

by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Your wedding is a deeply personal occasion. Why not reflect this fact with personalized longitude and latitude jewelry? The idea is to figure out the coordinates of where you’re getting married and immortalize the location in always-wearable, keepsake jewelry. Happy couples are also stamping the coordinates of their ceremony, first date location, where they met or other fond memory locations. Stampings sometimes include the day, month and year of the occasion being commemorated, as well.

Most commonly stamped shapes for longitude and latitude jewelry include long flat rectangles, slightly curved rectangles--for use as bracelet centerpieces--round donuts, hearts, flat rounds and even metal sheet cut in the shape of a particular state. A dangling charm or crystal bead has been seen accompanying the stamped piece; think a single white pearl for a wedding, Swarovski Caribbean blue opal for a tropical honeymoon, a coffee mug charm for a first date at the local coffee shop, etc.
Longitude and Latitude Beads and Components

For the groom, consider stamping cuff links, a tie tack or a ring band. Masculine necklaces are another choice with dog tag pendants or other metal blanks hung from leather cording. For the bride, create earrings with longitude on one ear and latitude on the other, stamp a link and add to a bracelet chain or sew on a leather cuff, stamp a charm and add it to a wedding-themed charm bracelet or choose any shape to stamp and dangle it as a pendant on petite chain.

Illustrated Use
Put your stamp of approval on wedding jewelry that means something special to you and your betrothed. Whenever you wear your custom longitude and latitude jewelry you’ll remember the happy occasion and start your day with a touch of happy nostalgia.

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