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Halloween Weddings

Design Idea EC0K Necklace
by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

We're not talking weddings with ghouls and goblins--it's more like glitz and glamour. If you thought Halloween weddings just had to be scary, take a look at some of these oh-so-sparkly additions to wedding jewelry or décor for just a touch of holiday homage at your elegant affair.

Item Number 8607JD Brooches

A favorite jewelry addition to weddings is the brooch. Choose a blingy brooch encrusted with rhinestones in the shape of a spider to add on a sash at the waist. Or attach this sparkly brooch to the bouquet or even your veil to pin it back. Read ''Brooches for Your Special Day'' for even more ways to add a spooky, yet completely sparkly, brooch to your Halloween-inspired wedding.


Let's talk pumpkins. Real or fake pumpkins are great for adding a touch of fall to table décor or displays. Use orange or white pumpkins and embellish the outside with rhinestones, pearls and flower components. Create swirling tendrils and whimsical shapes to catch light for a gorgeous display. Carving pumpkins is an option, too (of course). Instead of putting a face on them though, cut out a heart, the date or whole phrases with a separate word on each pumpkin such as "I love you." Using a drill to poke holes and make designs along pumpkin rinds is also a fun way to create varying designs posthaste. Don't be afraid to create your own pumpkins out of your favorite jewelry-making materials as well like how Rebecca Belding made a darling Wire Wrapped Pumpkin Ornament..
Design Idea D43H Home Decor Pumpkin

Victorian Charm

Black lace chokers add drama and a bit of Victoriana to weddings. These lightweight necklaces are especially gorgeous when paired with strapless dresses. Sewn-on or dangling cabochon settings are favorite embellishments as well as looped chain or bead strands. Cufflets are another way to incorporate this black lace motif with custom designs extending from your wrist to fingers. Adorn with chain to resemble webbing or go for a classy black beaded dangles and antiqued metal links, cabochon settings and more.

Black Lace Chokers and Cufflets

Halloween Weddings Skulls

It doesn't have to be a large or even a lot of skulls. A single skull bead addition to jewelry alongside traditional shapes such as flowers or materials such as pearls is just enough. Take a look at how Annalisa Esposito designed this amazingly textural and gorgeous bib-style necklace Skull Silk with not-so-obvious skull additions for Halloween wedding jewelry inspiration.

Swarovski Crystal Skull Beads

Celebrate the day you say "I do" and promise to be together "until death do you part" with some Halloween homage that is completely fashionable and far from cheesy. The day is yours to have spooky good fun.

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