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Preciosa Crystal Tubes Preciosa Crystal Tubes

by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Not every bride wants to wear jewelry that is overly ornate or potentially heavy. This simple, yet sophisticated, design is the answer to the practical bride's jewelry choice. It's lightweight, easy to make and has just the right amount of bling.

Preciosa Crystal Tubes This bridal set follows the design rule of 3, even more so than just being a 3-piece set of necklace, bracelet and earrings. According to Susanne Kathol's article Why Being Odd is Good, ‘'We naturally pair things up in our minds, so an odd number of elements in a jewelry design prevents us from easily pairing or grouping things, and keeps our eyes moving throughout the piece.'' The necklace and bracelet both feature three strands so your eyes are drawn to each. And speaking of keeping the eyes moving, the Preciosa crystal tube beads help with this as well. Each tube has end tabs that allow beads or other strung components to nestle against or in the tabs, elongating the appearance. Since the longer tubes have a slight graduation in size, they also imply movement and direct focus through the rest of the design. The tubes certainly grab attention with their sparkling, genuine Preciosa Czech crystal chatons catching and refracting light, too.

Perfect for spring and summer, this design uses aquamarine hues alongside crystal AB tubes that reflect just a hint of the blue tone in their facets. Other colors available, such as sapphire or Siam, would work in this design for autumn or winter wedding color palettes with crystal clear or crystal vitrail light as the supporting tube beads. This design also uses the silver-plated brass base, chain and findings, though gold-plated is also available to match your metal preference.

Create this set for any bride or bridal party with only simple jewelry-making techniques. All you need to know is how to correctly open (and close) a jumpring, form simple loops on headpins and create double wrapped loops for the links. For complete instructions to make this wedding jewelry set and the video tutorials on previously mentioned techniques, click on the resources provided below.

Preciosa Crystal Tubes

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